This happened yesterday, i was mining in geode, when my GAS bar reached 0, i lost connection, once i clicked retry, the game soft locked me while (my character isn't on screen, the bar was flashing and stuck on 0, couldn't move or use any skill), and the game teleported me back to the same cave.

I think what caused this is the connection loss to the game, when you lose connection while using a portal, sometimes the game doesn't teleport you once you click retry, instead, it keeps you in the last world you are in before you used the portal/ got teleported .

- mining in geode yesterday
- my health reached 0
- game lost connection when it tried to tp me
- game spawned me back in the same cave with 0 health and my character wasn't there
- couldn't use any skill

- i think what caused it is connection loss because sometimes it keeps you in world you were in before you entered the portal/ teleportation happened


(sorry for any grammatical and spelling errors >.<)