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    Please see thread

    Is this something Trion/Trove devs would consider implementing?

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    Is it possible to change Bomber Royale so that the ground does not completely decay? At the end of the match there would be remaining a small-ish area of blocks that could not be destroyed so that the winner actually can win by defeating the remaining player(s) instead of just being able to time their jump better to be the last one who drops into the void.

    Another idea is at the time of 100% ground decay the match immediately ends instead of waiting for fall deaths and the player left with the more kills or more power-ups collected is the winner.

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    Any plans to change how we get Lesser Crystal Caches from helping critters in Geode? Like making it instant or perhaps lowering how long it takes to give the reward.

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    I just open a Golden Ticket Chest 2018 and got a Super Recipe Stash.
    Why can't the super recipe stash give geode recipes when this event is meant to be both trove and geode?

    IGN: spar13

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    Club UI:
    Would it be possible to add another column next to total clubit donations in club UI with the current or previous week donations? Suggestion Club UI with weekly donation column
    Also in my opinion power rank column should display only the highest PR instead current using class.

    Critters in caves should give lesser crystal cache instantly after player help them because people with upgraded modules move so fast and they don't get rewards most of the time.
    Chances to find silver/gold eggs in caves are way too low.

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    1.) Will there be new items added to the super recipe, super style, and style surprise boxes.

    2.) Why are you basically giving away the easiest dragon egg fragment you have ever implemented in trove? Golden Vale take litteraly 35 mins if you're being lazy. Now with golden ticket karma's being farmable just 400 flux for a rare honestly trion wth.

    3.) Please give us a reason to farm geode, let us know why it links to U10 aside from sharing it's planetary space.

    4.) Credit pouches can only be sold 1 at a time on the market place (ON XBOX ONE) personal chests are still broken and there's no way any ones running the work around for hundreds if not thousands of items . When will it be fixed and will we be compensated for the aggrivation.

    5.) I double dog dare you to get on trove your console of choice PC ps xb and farm Starfire frags for four hours and then tell us their working as intended. YES Starfire's "can" drop but running 35 of the best tower last week 10 world bosses that could drop loot 350 kills 5 hours no frags and we now need 100 frags each come on there is making money and highway robbery don't be those people trion please.

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    1. The event should have given geode recipes not dragon frags that not one person wants. My question is do you guys play trove at all?
    2. The loot from the golden chests is good.. Minus the frags, the no new mounts for the coins is a bit silly and lazy don't you think?
    3. The new pack, do you guys play trove at all? A silver egg? You want $50 extra dollars for a silver egg? I have all common and uncommon just from playing geode normally.. Do you play trove at all?

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    when will you actually make the golden companion eggs tradeable from the golden ticket boxes or will you just change the golden ticket boxes description and the website to remove tradeable from them

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    Hello Devs,

    1) can you please take the plants out of the cave ending lair rooms? Just the big room at the end? Even with the platforms, the AoE plant "slime" can still get me and the platforms despawn long before I get anywhere with the slow mining speed.

    2) Or if NO to #1, can we have a way to stun the plants like the cave critters? Or kill the plants? I understand a challenge and i am not slamming it, but it is kind of obnoxious not being able to mine since there are 10 plants in 10 different spots bombarding me. By the time I find and toss a platform at all of them, i can mine for 2 seconds before the first platforms despawn.

    3) If you guys do not want Patron in Geode, how is it fair that xp day is in there and not gathering? Either please remove xp bonus since the system is different than Trove side or give me gathering day bonus too. Pretty please.... Either way, I still plan to keep and renew Patron when that comes up....even though on console we do not know when that is.

    Thank you guys and gals and have a great day

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    Friend circle

    This isn't really game play related but WHAT IS FRIEND CIRCLE?!!??! I found this place in geode with all these npc's talking about it, and you guys mentioned it in the livestream. I need to know what it is x_x.

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