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    Maybe this week, can you actually answer questions instead of spending 30 minutes reading bad jokes?

    I have a bunch of questions, most or all of them to be ignored as is the norm:

    On ps4 why can’t we see how long our patron has left before expiring?

    Why is it that when we take an xp, adventurine, etc. potion we can only see how much longer it has if we enter a new world?

    Why did you remove our mastery bar? Please give us the option to turn them back on, it can be yellow while on Trove and blue when in geode for that mastery.

    Can you please make it so we can craft dragon crucibles to place in our clubs and save us a trip from going to the hub?

    Can you remove the racing challenges until you fix the rubber banding and lag issues? They make it almost impossible to get a good score in the races.

    With the radiant day spring log in rewards gone will there be any new daily log in item to collect? I really liked getting the login tokens each day.

    Is the geode tower ship thing going to stay in the hub forever?

    Why can’t we preview the upcoming weekly bonus anymore?

    Why does Xendri only give one stat bonus and +50 magic find? He’s not easy to get so he should have either another stat bonus or give +100 magic find so he’s on the same level as all the other dragons.

    When looking at Luxion and the bomber royal merchant can you add a little icon or description to say if we’ve already collected something. It would be easier than searching styles to see what’s been collected.

    Even with patron active and on Friday spinner dragon frags still only drop one per hour if you’re lucky. Other frags are even harder to get (star fire for example). It seems you only increased the drop chance of the new frag eggs. Why? Do you really think it is reasonable to have to farm 100 hours on Friday’s just to get one dragon?

    Why is everything in the crystal bench so expensive to make? You have pushed the most boring grind in a game to extreme levels just to afford basic junk. It is absurd and I’d like to know the reasoning behind it?

    Following that question can you please adjust the resource cost of crafting in Geode? I really like the new effects blocks so far but I’ve only been able to craft two kinds because of how expensive they are to make. The first one I got was the bubble effect of course.

    In geode on ps4 the square and L1 buttons aren’t used. Can you make it so we can assign items to these buttons? Having three critter items means you can’t also have the platforms or gravity towers equipped so you have to constantly change your three slots to make us of everything which wastes gas.

    Why are there no badges for bomber royal? I feel like there should be badges for first blocks, total kills, and bombs thrown. Especially bombs thrown so I can track my progress for getting the trophy.

    Why don’t the green jump blocks in bomber royal get destroyed? They should be destroyable in my opinion. If you won’t make them destroyable at least make them all launcher arrows so people can’t just bounce on them for the whole match avoiding splash damage.

    When leaving bomber royal how come we have to return to the hub? I start bomber in my club and want to return there. I hate the hub, it has ridiculous loading issues and lag so I want to avoid it as much as possible.

    Why wasn’t club XP granted retroactively? If this was intended why not be up front about it? It’s really shady to not be up front with this kind of information.

    Rampages still appear on Friday’s more than any other day. Why won’t you even consider changing this after so much outcry for changes to be made? It feels like it’s because you really don’t care about your players, at all.

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    In front of your eyes
    1) any trove anniversary news?
    EG:new mount or other stuff

    2)can we have daily reliquaries?
    Is really hard to farm metamatter

    3)can increase some crystal in crystal lesser cache?
    open cache most gave 2-4 crystals is not enough (and not always get good a lot)

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    When can we expect a rebalance of crafting becnhprices/ drop chance of certain chest materials/ drop amount in Geode ?

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    When and how will we beable to acquire Dormant Lorekeeper dragon egg?

    Will prism of light be useful again?

    How will magic find be affected by U10?

    What requirements will the surface of geode have?

    Primordial dragon spoilers?

    Where is Urmhalt the unforgiving? Dragon for trion email?

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    Will there ever be a boat /sea related update? Such as introducing enemy ships that we can fight out in the worlds, as well as perhaps ship pop?

    Are there any chances for an ultimate mount to ever be added. For example a mount that flies, shoots, and floats?

    Also are there any plans to add more Dragon world bosses. (those are the more fun fragments to farm in my opinion)

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    -- Will health regen be introduced again? do you have any plans to rework it?

    -- What is the next class to be reworked in the list after the Ice sage?

    -- Can we know the list of the next class to be reworked?

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    Starfire fragments still need to be looked at.

    Can we have all enemies have a chance to drop starfire fragments?

    Only a few enemies will drop the fragment.

    Farming them will take forever.

    (Example, farming 5,000 sunlight bulbs in 10 minutes would give a lot, farming 1,000 dinosaurs will yield some, farming 500 ST elites, yields none to what maybe 2?)

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    1. Critters need to give boxes on first tick, waiting for them kills the fun of geode. Can we please move boxes to first tick?

    2. I have 4 level 10 tools and I'm very happy with geode, but I now have 70,000 gleamstone, are the advanced boxes loot tables glitched?

    3. Silver and gold eggs are not worth the effort to look for them, the drop rate needs to go up as atm looking for them is not fun at all.
    If silver gold worked like a iffy and gave you a missing companion they would be worth the effort.

    4. Crystals need to be removed from all building items. Can we remove crystals from all items that don't give mastery.

    5. Tomes, these are now at a ridiculous level. Can we set a order and they automatically change?

    6. U10 should I be grinding Geode materials or trove materials to be ready for u10?

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    what happened to the email dragon mentioned 4 months ago?

    please add mastery bar back. if total mastery doesnt work and switching between geode and trove mastery bars is to hard, then just add in 2 mastery bars, one for trove one for geode. i dont need to see im level 30

    the adventure bench mounts dialog box doesnt show anymore to say whether you have it or not

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    Is it possible to implement a feature whereas we can use a certain item, like lodestars to be able to prevent any duplicate results from silver/gold companion eggs? Considering how rare Silver/Gold Companion eggs are, getting a duplicate can be really frustrating.

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