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    Dev Question Thread - July 13, 2018

    Hey all!

    Sunfest comes back this week, along with a sale on Greater Dragon Caches before Luxion returns on July 14th.

    Get your questions for the dev team in so we can get answers for you during the stream on Friday.


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    Supposedly silver and gold eggs were added to geode caves with last tuesday's hotfix, however so far, from the tens of thousands of eggs collected by the playerbase, only a couple has been found, which makes me believe the drop rate is unfathomably low. Could you please buff their drop rate? nobody wants to run 2000 lairs for a single silver egg.

    Could you please do something about the abysmal crystal rates? namely lesser crystal caches being completely worthless both in their loot, and in critters taking too long to complete to stop up for and get more caches, but other sources are also sub-par.

    Please don't delay a new source of bound brilliance until the next major update, we need it now.
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    Will luxion be coming out along with his line of dragon soul unlocks anytime soon?

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    1) What about Shadow Labirynth project that you announced a few months ago? Do developers are still working on it or the project have been abandoned?

    2) Is the date for the next Geode hotfix scheduled already planned?

    3) Second stat reroll was supposed to be in this or next week?

    4) Will you more bomb types with cool VFX? Confetti Bombs for example.


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    Is it possible to speed up the rate at which the critters drop their caches? I'd be fine with the dismal drop rates of crystals if i actually got the ones from the critters I help

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    1. Why do silver and gold egg's drop on the ground like loot when you touch them? I have been lucky enough to find a gold and silver egg but the silver egg I found was in a 1 block corner so when I touched the egg it just disappeared into the ceiling. I have heard this problem has happened to a few other people and I feel that something as rare as it is should be a guaranteed drop like bronze egg's.

    2. Will the quality of life update coming out soon finally remove players names overlapping your characters marker on the map? This has been around for the past couple updates and it's gotten pretty annoying not being able to see where I am or what direction i'm facing on the map when there is players near me.
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    With the way bound brilliance is right now, 5 a week (From tome)

    Exactly how are we supposed to get more? (Aside from Events?)
    There is no crafting recipe and the daily login tokens are done.

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    1. Can we finally get an answer for the club exp thing? It's been like 2 weeks.

    2. I know you said that metamatter was on the low end of acceptable, but can we please get a new source of the adventure reliquaries(the 2 hour, guaranteed metamatter ones)? It seems weird that as soon as the golden thread abruptly ends, there are suddenly no more ways to get them. Maybe they could be a reward for a repeatable daily quest where you need to gather a bunch of resources to help prepare for the war or something?

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    How is Bound Brilliance going to work after the radiant dayspring is gone?

    Any plans on making it more precise to use frameworks like the trees? It's kind of a chore to place them correctly.

    The leaderboards function of the shadow tower portal is hard to use, specially if you're in a club world, is there any way to make it work better? (when i choose another difficulty it resets the boss, when I choose the boss it resets the difficulty and so on)

    Some times when doing a shadow tower, after crossing a portal it teleports me to another random shadow tower that another player is doing. (Once when crossing the portal to UM Hydra boss room, I was sent to a NM Weeping Prophet room that other people were doing)

    The vanguardian model is insanely tall compared to others and that also makes it clip through mounts and mag riders, any way to scale mounts when being used by a vanguardian or trimming him to 'normal' size?

    After the update on 2~3x moon souls on monday, the empowered gem tome that gives 1 empowered gem box and then sleeps for a week is kinda meaningless, any plans on buffing it?

    Any chance to make the market like steam market? Where we can place a buy order for x item paying y value and if someone wants to sell instantly they can just match that price?

    Any plans to fix vanguardian clipping?

    Any way to make the bonus days customizable? For example, every sunday you can change your bonus day order or it defaults to the last one you had. It'll be nice for players that can't play on monday to get shadow towers so they can reschedule the shadow tower bonus to another day based on their preference.

    Any plans to add the daily bonus? There is a thread that was ignored about it

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    Are there any plans to change the Saturday daily bonus from +Adventure XP, +Club XP, +PVP XP to +Adventure XP, +Club XP, 2x Bomber Coins (maybe 3x for Patrons)? Either this or could you make it to where PVP XP can be earned by playing Bomber Royale because currently, the Lvl 50 PVP achievement/trophy is unobtainable outside of custom games that are not reliable for many players.

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