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Thread: Question about my NN'S HP

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    Post Question about my NN'S HP

    Soo i am a 17K NN and i feel like i have too low mh for even NN. When i watch streams or youtube videos, those people have like 500K mh on NN but i have jus 100K and it'll be even lower when i reroll my gem stats so maybe i have too much of cd/ch/pd and i have too few of mh? please help me those are my stats with club bonuses:
    PD 105K
    CH 90
    CD 1050

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    This is the wrong place for this, but hp is not of value at all for the ninja, as for those streamers with high hp, it is likely it is due to having very high mastery *every mastery level gives an atk and hp % bonus* as well as having many dragons which buff hp on their own. Otherwise, the streamer themselves have made a mistake.

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