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Thread: Some Geode Feedback after 2 weeks past update

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    Some Geode Feedback after 2 weeks past update

    Right ahead: I like the Update. It gives a good alternativity aside grinding for Gems in a rather calm atmosphere with an awesome set of new background music.

    Geode minniequests fit very good in this update since you always end at the quest spot - the Sanctuary - after your farming tour ended. This allows to quickly grab all 3 quests again before your next tour. Also the length of those quests are short enough that even a beginner in Geode could finish all 3 quests in a single Cave exploration.

    Howlug aside, critters are very adorable and playing with dynamic eyes it gives those a living feeling that allows you to feel for those poor beeings or cheer along after they are cured.

    I also like all those texts that Sancuary's creatures are saying. Exspecially those that give insight in Lore and the Easter Eggs (I found Kevin ^^)

    But where there is Light, there is shadow... I made notes during the last days that feel bugged or not well thought:

    -level 4 (Skill 150+) crystallogy did take untypically much time to complete
    While other levels could have been completed in a rather short amount of time, even level 5, there was still this one level that took more time to complete than any other level.

    Reason is: the best way to reach the next level is via Gravity consumeables. They use 40 Builderite per item and 50*40 = 2000 Builderite to cross the whole level 4.

    But at the same moment, Builderite is a very important key component to make any progress with Modules and which is therefore nothing that you want to spend in consumeables instead of advancing forward. I would suggest either lowering Builderite cost here or replace it with Gleamstone, which becomes irrelevant once you reached T3 caves.

    -Thumper cool down -25% reduction is bugged
    Amber Jelotl gives a cool down to Thumper Module. This causes the skill icon to be ready again earlier, but it takes far longer to be able to really use a Thumper again. Please make the skill cool down indication and the time until the Thumper is useable again in snyc.

    -Barrier shield with upgrades does not stun T1 Flowers
    Barrier Module's Level 2 description says that it could 'stun critters in T1 and T2 caves' just as Claw Module's description also has levels that unlock the ability to 'stun critters'.
    However, Barrier Generator can not stun any Plants while Claws can do it. This makes each Barrier's level that unlocks the ability to stun critters beeing a useless level.

    -Gleamstone is too useless while Builderite is too much in demand
    Boxes are a major income of Builderite and Gleamstone. But those Boxes produce far too much Gleamstone (even T5 Boxes!) while Builderite is far more necessary for upgrades.
    The lowest Boxes should keep containing 25 Gleamstone with an uncommon Builderite - this is fine,
    The middl Boxes should contain 50 Builderite with Uncommon Ancient Gears
    And the last Box should contain 100 Builderite with Uncommon Ancient Gears and with a lucky drop of a random T5 material with a reasonable amount.

    -200 Crystals for each decorative Geode element is too much
    It takes significant farming time to allow adding nothing but a 3-tile Geode Banner. Better remove crystal cost or reduce by 90% and make recipies cost more Gleamstone instead., since Gleamstone is a material that is in deep need for a decent sink.

    -Crystals visually collected but due to lag it wont count.
    While using rocket boots to collect crystals on the ceilling of a room, crystals often disappear as if they were collected, but they are not counted. If you noticed that you did not get a 'x crystal added' info and fly to the now empty spot again, you can now collect it for real. And I do not talk about 1 crystal more or less, this also happens with the large 30-crystal ones. I don't want to know how many crystals I actually missed and not noticed. Please make those crystals at least re-appear after a few seconds by having a sync check between what the client saw and what the server catched.

    -Critters take too much time to get pleased so players are out of range when the critters are finished
    Eventually you are rushing lower Tiers with rocket boots and Gappling Claws, but dropping an item on a Critter in need will not reward you with your speed. When the Critter is healed/warmed/belly filled you are out of range and get no reward for your good deed.

    One fix would be to give a reward just when the treating process starts.
    Another fix would be to increase the speed the critters are done or to increase reward range.

    -It is a hassle to get even a small group of players into the same cave.
    A run with 5 peoples earlier today took 3 or 4 attempts until everyone finally ended in the same lobby - and this was far past the troubling hours.

    A solution for this would be one kind of that Theather system that allows you build a group of a limited number of players in Sanctuary and ensure that all players end in the same Cave if they enter within a 10 second time frame. Inside the cave the Teather would no longer exist, since everyone would be there already.

    -New Tomes' rewards are a joke for Weekly Tomes.
    This does not include the Metamatter Tome and the Bomb Royale Tome: Price for crafting those things are fine, given it is a tome that fills once a week. But the actual reward of those Tomes would equal the worth of a normal Tome. 35 Builderite for example is an amount that even a player who is new in T3 caves can get in one single run. 35 Gleamstone is nothing spectacular either. While the reward would be balanced if the Tome was a repeatable one, it does not justify beeing a weekly thing with rewards as they are now.
    Suggestion: Make those Tomes able to fill again multiple times a week or significantly increase its reward

    -Geode Sanctuary uses irrelevant Trove elements
    While exploring in Geode's Caves you are using rocket boots to to ascend and instantly see your Geode inventory when you open your Bag. But when you return to Geode Sanctuary, and want to organize your Cave loot, you will see Trove's Adventure inventory, which is unrelated to what you are doing there. Instead of the one of the only two tabs that are related in Geode (yet?). The same goes for Rocket Boots: Inside caves these are the way to ascend and reach a higher spot. In Geode Sanctuary you suddenly lose those and will just drop down instead of ascending, which disturbs the flow of the game, given you want to focus on Geode.

    -I wont touch Metamatter here...
    There is already a Topic concering it:

    -Critters-heal-you Bug as intended module suggestion
    While all healing inside caves were a bug and was fixed in the past, it did result with this uncommon way in my best run in Geode Caves.
    Pre-story: I did learn about this bug by a coincidance after seeing a player suddenly healing anyhow. This palyer explained that treating injured/freezing/hungry critters will heal as a reward. While trying to find the root of this, we realized that he was using Raptor Berserker ally, which seemed to have no relevance before.
    Later that day when this player left the group, I was doing a cave run with Berserker ally with the remaining one other player. It was pretty fun and relaxing doing a run and taking time for all those critters and getting a sweet healing reward. Eventually we also ventured into the next Tier that we had not the necessary GAS upgrade for yet and were constantly fighting the GAS drain rushing from one critter to the next while grabbing this or that crystal until we unavoidably ran out of critters in need in a dead end room.
    Suggestion: Add a module that heals a player when taking care of a critter in need.
    While the 180 Health/GAS gain (level 3 Pet, Level 4 GAS Module) was far too much per treated critter, It would be still a nice idea to have a minor health reward of a few points if a certain module is used/ upgraded. This module could give at max level a health/GAS gain of about 10-30 points while a player stands nearby. Other effects involved into that module could increase the reward chance of 2 Crystal boxes and other Critter related benefits.
    GAS should not be obtainable faster than GAS deplets, but it should encourage taking time with critters instead of rushing past them with lightspeed while slamming a curing kit on their heads.
    Important side note: Helping critters give a health/GAS reward only once. So no nightmare effects like Prowling Shadow where you could simply refill your whole GAS on one critter. Furthermore: this module must not work on Exploding Bomb Flowers. Those evil things steal your GAS and dont refill it!

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    Senior Member Etherbl's Avatar
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    I couldn't agree more...
    You said everything that needed to be said and should be changed.
    Thank you!

    I hope devs actually care about this and do something about it.
    IGN: Etherbl || /joinworld Etherion Temple

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    The tomes and ranges are the most critical for me right now, they are just worthless.

    Also the crystal rewards from the caches are kinda low, they were better on PTS

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    Builderite is just nuts to get on F2P, while P2W gets tons of it from caches, its absurd to mine all you need of it.

    Seriously, its used by the thousands and farmed roughly by some dozens a run at deep caves and slow mining.

    Come on, devs...
    IGN: Etherbl || /joinworld Etherion Temple

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    Great feedback. Too bad they won’t care or listen to it. It’s working as designed and no way will they care to fix let alone improve that design

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbubblesps4 View Post
    Great feedback. Too bad they won’t care or listen to it. It’s working as designed and no way will they care to fix let alone improve that design
    Well, we do not know if really each aspect is how it is initially designed. As what I did read in other posts, there were number tweaks between PTS and Live. So certain things work, other work better but some things dont fit anymore.

    In my opinion it is useful for Trion to have constructive feedback on Live environment to see which parts are greatly appreciated by players, but also those that need adjustment.

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