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Thread: Some people have issues...

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    Some people have issues...

    So B*****e is/was the leader of an old alpha club, Patagonia - the other day due to inactivity his account was removed from leader and he is freaking out as if it was an attack on him. I got the leader role and as soon as he mentioned it to me, I gave it back to him. He insists that TrionWorlds/Trove is out to get him and trying to steal his work.

    I tried to tell him it was just an automated feature and he could leave me in the secondary role, I'll always give it back to him... instead.. he kicked all 200+ members to 'protect his work' I was with this club for years and wanted to ensure the work lived on as much as he did.

    Consider this a warning to not have any expectations of preserving your work and time spend on builds on this game, especially when someone so unstable is in charge of the club with your work.

    Here is a discussion with him on Steam:

    7:52 PM - B*****e: I dont know whos idea it was to remove me as leader to my own club and game but it is illegal and i have sent a cease and decist letter to Trion some one better explain and reverse course or im callin lawyers, i put too much work into some one attempting to steal my stuff.
    7:53 PM - Matt Thomas: I think it automatically did it
    7:53 PM - Matt Thomas: no one could remove you as president
    7:54 PM - Matt Thomas: I was on the other day and it just happened
    7:54 PM - Matt Thomas: no one else was talking
    7:54 PM - Matt Thomas: I was on hide
    7:54 PM - Matt Thomas: and it changed it
    7:54 PM - B*****e: yea I have notes saying trion did it without my consent
    7:54 PM - B*****e: i sent them a letter advising i will get lawyers involved
    7:54 PM - Matt Thomas: i mean
    7:54 PM - Matt Thomas: i can just set you back
    7:54 PM - Matt Thomas: nbd to me
    7:54 PM - Matt Thomas: lol
    7:54 PM - B*****e: ty that would help
    7:55 PM - Matt Thomas: I'm not a **** like that
    7:55 PM - B*****e: people need to ask em then i say yes, theft is dealth with swiftly as soon as i find it
    7:55 PM - B*****e: ok i didnt think you were
    7:55 PM - B*****e: new trion team being dumbasses
    7:55 PM - Matt Thomas: http://isso.pro/ss/DYvoDO.png
    7:55 PM - B*****e: i will seriouslt *** them in the ***
    7:55 PM - Matt Thomas: I don't know if it will happen again
    7:55 PM - Matt Thomas: and if it would be me
    7:55 PM - Matt Thomas: and if not, would the other person give it back?
    7:55 PM - Matt Thomas: lol
    7:56 PM - Matt Thomas: or be active to give it back
    7:56 PM - B*****e: no once i get them to responde i will make sure they dont do it again
    7:56 PM - Matt Thomas: http://isso.pro/ss/ss73Fh.png
    7:56 PM - B*****e: any agreement they think they have is after alpha and not prior and im alpha they have ****
    7:56 PM - Matt Thomas: I don't think that is how it works
    7:56 PM - Matt Thomas: i don't think they wrote an exception list for auto promote
    7:56 PM - Matt Thomas: im sure they could
    7:56 PM - Matt Thomas: but i think it's a feature for when a club loses all it's active members
    7:57 PM - Matt Thomas: to give it another chance
    7:57 PM - B*****e: I will make it vert clear them any attack on patagonia will have a response.
    7:57 PM - B*****e: they have no legal right to manipulate my personal account after ipurchased the game
    7:57 PM - Matt Thomas: It's not like a business entity, it's a feature in a game...
    7:58 PM - B*****e: i have commited no greavense agaisnt them so
    7:58 PM - Matt Thomas: I really don't think they would flinch from threats of legal actions
    7:58 PM - B*****e: either way they will need to lawyer up
    7:58 PM - Matt Thomas: I'm sure they have a team on retainer
    7:58 PM - B*****e: they all do im aware of this
    7:58 PM - B*****e: but they dont have any legal ground to stand on
    7:59 PM - B*****e: updates sure , removing me from my own club i created NO
    7:59 PM - Matt Thomas: you weren't removed
    7:59 PM - Matt Thomas: demoted
    7:59 PM - Matt Thomas: lol
    7:59 PM - B*****e: i was removed form full access
    7:59 PM - Matt Thomas: https://www.trionworlds.com/en/legal...#_Toc451504955
    8:00 PM - Matt Thomas: http://isso.pro/ss/QcBoRj.png
    8:00 PM - Matt Thomas: http://isso.pro/ss/QZxMJS.png
    8:00 PM - Matt Thomas: you agree to get banned for no reason with no reason given
    8:00 PM - Matt Thomas: and that they own all virtual items
    8:01 PM - B*****e: thats for a lawyer to decide and lawyers have plenty of loop holes
    8:01 PM - B*****e: i dont give a *** what they got
    8:01 PM - B*****e: tthey dont remove me period
    8:01 PM - B*****e: for any reason
    8:19 PM - B*****e is now Online.
    8:40 PM - B*****e: Ok so i just learned trion will not swap leaders
    8:40 PM - B*****e: so who did it
    8:40 PM - Matt Thomas: you were the only president
    8:40 PM - Matt Thomas: no one else could change it
    8:40 PM - B*****e: i know right
    8:40 PM - B*****e: thats what i saw and checked last time i played too
    8:40 PM - Matt Thomas: maybe staff but it was changed to me
    8:40 PM - Matt Thomas: and I didn't ask them to do anything
    8:41 PM - Matt Thomas: I had 2 other clubs set me as leader too
    8:41 PM - B*****e: i saw the command from trion too removing me so , i think other players may be wrong about trion not doing this
    8:41 PM - Matt Thomas: 'Devs have even said multiple times to log in to keep your leader/president status if you're not an active player'
    8:41 PM - B*****e: no offense to you but i have to remove every one now
    8:41 PM - Matt Thomas: I saw someone say that
    8:41 PM - B*****e: in order to protect my work
    8:41 PM - Matt Thomas: leave me as vp
    8:41 PM - B*****e: too late
    8:41 PM - Matt Thomas: if it happens again i can just give it back
    8:41 PM - B*****e: im already attacking
    8:42 PM - B*****e: been attacking the monment i saw this
    8:42 PM - B*****e: i get SUPER angrt when i see any attck on me
    8:42 PM - Matt Thomas: i really don't see it as an attack on you
    8:42 PM - Matt Thomas: well
    8:42 PM - B*****e: Trion has yet to repond so maybe they will beable to clear this up and allow me to fix it but until then
    8:42 PM - Matt Thomas: you kicked me from the club
    8:42 PM - Matt Thomas: you are freaking out
    8:43 PM - B*****e: im kickin every single person
    8:43 PM - Matt Thomas: im probably just done with patagonia
    8:43 PM - Matt Thomas: and you
    8:43 PM - Matt Thomas: so
    8:43 PM - Matt Thomas: bye
    8:43 PM - Matt Thomas: have fun
    8:43 PM - B*****e: good cya ******
    8:43 PM - B*****e is now Offline.
    8:43 PM - Matt Thomas: see...
    8:43 PM - B*****e is currently offline, they will receive your message the next time they log in.
    8:43 PM - Matt Thomas: so childish

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    While it's funny in a sad sorta way you should remove his name as there's a rule about naming and shaming.

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    sorry to hear this has happen

    I fell sad and little mad. sorry, this happen matt the club was epic an all the people part of the club was epic too. I hope you can move on past this and keep on building 1 player does not make a club ever one in it does.

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    Wow. How utterly disgusting.
    Interesting Output is the project -- Altermaven is the name. A cat-dragon who runs Voxel Villages.
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