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Thread: My Geode mission is glitched

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    My Geode mission is glitched

    My geode mission is glitch it says build a thumper with the thumper core provided witch i already did but the mission has not gone to the next one, also i do not have the thumper i built but i lost the resources i used to build it!

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    If you read the full quest details it asks you to..

    A:Craft the thumper
    B:Use the thumper in the caves

    Sounds like you've crafted it so simply head to 1 of the caves, select it from your load out when you get to the cave and activate it.

    Seems these new "2 steps in 1" quest is catching out quite a few players as you have to read the full quest text.

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    I got similar problem with story quest i got the item reward but before i cud make GAS level 2 my game crashed on me. So when i logged back in theres no sign of item and cant move on.

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