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Thread: Geode mining fall damage fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyAlexanderNULL View Post
    Actually there are 6 ways to avoid fall Damage, ordered by safety:

    1. Have the Rocket boots upgraded until you get the fall damage upgrade (works even when rocket boots are not beeing used during fall)
    2. Land in water
    3. Have Barrier Activated before you hit the ground (Level 1 barrier does do a good head start)
    4. Perform a dash. You are invincible while dashing - even from fall damage
    5. Use Rocket boots before reaching the ground until you ascend again, then drop down
    6. use the gappling claws just at the floor before reaching it

    My redommendations are using Barrier or using rocket boots to navigate to a spot where you can finish your fall with a dash - just to be safe.
    3. Have Barrier Activated before you hit the ground (Level 1 barrier does do a good head start)
    Thanks for the tips!
    Fun fact:
    Currently the only unbeatable PvP strategy is to use the Dracolite:
    Walk to the centre of the arena and challenge the opposing team to a dance contest. Then press 2 and type /dance then once the whole other team is dancing get your teammates to kill them near the end of the round.
    Unfortunately apart from that the Drac is completely useless in PvP.

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    Let me add another fact about synergy between Rocket Boots and Barrier:

    Barrier will generate Energy in later levels by reciving damage. This includes fall damage. Since Rocket Boots nullify fall damage, you will not generate that energy anymore with upgraded Rocket Boots, if you use Barrier during your fall.

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