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Thread: Can I have my yellow name back, please?

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    Can I have my yellow name back, please?


    The orange is such an eyesore.
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    I really liked my yellow, the reason I worked hard to get it in the past …
    Do not understand why change something already in game to something I did not wish for nor like as much.

    +1 on I want my yellow back !

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    I know it's a lot of "I don't like change wah", I've been rocking a yellow name back since you had it with 100 mastery. BUT, I do still believe we should be able to chose whatever name color we want, and long as we fit the criteria for it. So orange names could be yellow, or white if they wanted to. People who get heart a phoned but would rather not have a red name no longer have to.

    It's just a nice small quality of life thing.

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