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Thread: Trove moding

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    Trove moding

    Hey,so i really want to try and create a mod for the Rich Raptor mount.I downloaded the bat file which gives me a lot of blueprints,the problem is i dont find the rich raptor file(which isnt necessarily bad,bcs any mount could work actually,i do prefer this one tho) and for other mounts i dont know which files to select bcs they have different extensions.Can anyone tell me which files do i need to select for any mount editing

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    Hi there!
    Blueprints that belong to the Rich Raptor start with "c_mt_fancy_raptor_". Search for that phrase in the folder the blueprints are in and it'll list all the files you'll need for that one mount.

    For future references, both Trovesaurus and the Trove Wiki has a nice database of...practically everything that can be found in game, just make a search there for the in-game name of an item and the results will take you to the item's page with all sorts of information (including file names).

    Good luck!

    P.S.: Feel free to post Trove modding-related questions in the Mod Discussion subforum, you can probably get answers there a little more quickly, it might get more attention over there.
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