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Thread: geod up date bug reports on the xbox

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    Exclamation geod up date bug reports on the xbox

    hi ther devas I wood like two pot this bug makhanas furred two pot on ther ta do list

    .) mastery bar missing

    .) player bare able two heal ther gas's in geode wen pets need some thing Frome plyer

    .) loxion dos not give all items two plyers when giving cons and has space in ther bag

    .) ( bin kicked out of club wold as lender ) persanly if this one dos not get fixt my next step will be geting a re fund I wood like a re fund of x3 64.99 frame works

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    They removed the mastery bar on purpose.

    They're already looking into it.

    Always check that you have free space before purchasing anything in trove.

    Highly doubt you will be granted anysort of refund if that was an option trion would be far better about responding to player critiques especially when there are people with over $20,000.00 in the game. I don't know what frame works you spent $70.00 on but frame works can be recrafted with regular blocks from your work bench.

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