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Thread: Geode Update is worrying...

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    Geode Update is worrying...

    I have nothing against the concept of Geode but at the same time it worries me.

    Investing money into a game is no different to investing money into your hobby, i do it all the time with my guitars, buying new accessories, pedals, amps, etc,

    When i invest time and money into my hobbies i do it for a goal and the goal tends to be very clear.

    The Geode update worries me when it comes to Troves goal.

    I love Trove, i'v made multiple accounts, got to max level plenty of times, love collecting stuff, just randomly jumping in dungeons and smashing stuff, its a simple and yet complex game, can be casual fun or hardcore number min/maxing and grind.

    Trove has always had an issue with the recurring updates, its less and less new player friendly so im sure eventually it will belly flop.

    Its also pretty much, more and more a virtual casino, with more boxes being added and chances getting reduced to silly levels.

    Think of it this way, i made a new account recently, everything goes well and fun up to level 10.
    Gems get introduced, its fine... and then your first Empowered Gem Slot opens up.
    The worlds start getting waaaayy harder then before, almost making it mandatory for you to have an Empowered Gem on.

    How to get Empowered Gems? Trough Empowered Gems Boxes.. how to get those ingame without money? Killing off the Top boss in the Shadow Tower..

    Any of you remember RECENTLY, with the new bosses been added in, climbing trough the Shadow Tower with just the bare minimum PR to get in, no Empowered gems or having someone carrying you trough it? ....Errrmm.... Not fun... or even possible?

    But lets say you make it, now you got 3 Empowered Gems Boxes, if you did it on Shadow Tower day.
    From the boxes now you have 3 chances to get the starting gems that you need.
    ...not that simple, because youll have to go up against:

    -Rolling an actual gem and not a Key fragment of a Class key
    -Rolling the color that you need
    -Rolling with somewhat useable stats

    Think about all the variables, chances and how this is weekly locked and ofc the hardwork that would be to get the boxes to begin with.

    Anyways back to the point, easy solution, you invest money into your hobbt, its alright, its a good investment on your game and hobby, goes towards you having fun and the game being further developed, its all good.

    Till Geode comes out, and everything you worked so hard for, all the money you have invested is no longer being put towards new characters, new areas, or anything Trove core based and instead you get a "New" Trove, fully equipped with its own Mastery and all...

    Its beyond worrying.... i worry about what other content will be coming out next, was Geode just a sort of mini game? Is it gonna be pulling the Devs attention to develop it more and leave the Core Gameplay with less attention and slower updates?

    Geode is alright, just think that after investing so much time and money into the core game, to then be sidetracked by some random mining simulator patch, is a bit of a slap in the face.´

    Its not right and dosent say much about the future.

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    From what I've gathered, yes, Geode is basically a minigame; something you can use to take a break from the standard dungeon grind, something new players can also participate in, and basically something different to do. While they might develop it further, the main focus of the game and of future development is still on Trove (or at least something similar to Trove), even if this particular expansion isn't.

    It's also a setup for Uber-10, where your stats and progress in standard Trove should matter as would normally be expected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VoxHammy View Post
    Geode is alright, just think that after investing so much time and money into the core game, to then be sidetracked by some random mining simulator patch, is a bit of a slap in the face.´
    The "Core game" didn't disappear, you can still play all the content that was available before Geode, nothing in that changed (infact you now have another couple of dragons to grind for) They elected to not pump out another "stat stick" patch and try something different, of which i'm personally grateful for. What's the point of design space if you're not gonna explore it.

    Hopefully we can get some details soon about "the point" of geode, and how it sets up for U10 and the battle against Undertow, seems to be the big question for alot of people as of right now.
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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    That sorta one of my issues, when a patch is released its supposed to show where the game is heading, this patch instead of showing that, just left us with more questions.

    I see it as a way to milk more money while we wait to see what they have for us, usually people join and leave games on a patch to patch basis, depending if they like the content or the way the game is heading.

    This patch dosent allow that tho... its, the old content or "core" is still there, everything still works the same but with an extra part of the game that is completely different, like their two completly different games, leaving you with no idea what the heck is going on.

    Now it was said that Geode stuff will affect U10 or so everyone seems to believe that, not sure if it was said by the devs themselfs, but in that regards there dosent seem to be any idea of what Geode is from them either.

    If the Geode patch, as in progressing trough Geode, will affect U10 progression, how to get there, your stats, whatever really, then thats a big issue for me, because as much fun as it is to play the Trove version of Spelunking (Geode is incredibly original year...), thats not what got me into Trove or what made me invest into this game.

    A game should be developed by adding to the Core or by being non intrusive or changing the fundamentals, adding a whole diferent Trove to the existing Trove is a dumb idea...

    Theres soooo much they can do with a game like this, designing and bulding things in this game is only a fraction of the work other companies have, so much could be done involving the Core game, there was no need to add a game like Geode.

    On a side note, another annoying this is the removal of the Mastery bar under your XP bar, that used to drive me to get more Mastery points, being able to see that i was about to get another level or even seeing on my screen the level i was at without having to go to a specific tab for it, IF SOMETHING ISNT BROKEN DONT FIX IT! It was fine, wasent cluttering the UI or anything, its a stupid change like most things.

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    "Core gameplay" is a phrase that makes me itch. Just because this game was started by a bunch of artists that wanted some fun build worlds and they got forced to expand on adventure mode to make money and keep the servers online.

    "Core Gameplay" to me is free servers to build in. I'm actually pretty sad that Adventuring has almost completely taken over the games mission, since they keep promising builder updates but they keep getting pushed back by people demanding more stuff to fight and collect.

    In the long run, dont worry about Geode too much. Wait for U10. One of these other posts around here suggested it'd be out in September some time.

    Side note; The servers havnt crashed once since Geode updated to my knowledge and I'm seeing way less complaints about lag. There's still issues but the game seems more stable than ever and thats pretty awesome.
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