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Thread: Teir 5 nearly unplayable

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    Teir 5 nearly unplayable

    There are WAYY too many acid plants to have a fun experience in teir 5, I feel they should be reduced in number by quite abit. There's no challenge only annoyance

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    Ideally their range should be decreased, their horizontal aoe slightly decreased, their vertical aoe decreased and maybe decrease the number somewhat. or just give us tools to effectively combat them. Yes sometimes platforms can help (also wtf is the point of the cooldown), but the plants implementation to combat the lack of depth in geode doesn't really do that and just adds annoyance as you say.

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    A decrease in range would be great, i'm being sniped by these stupid things across the map, many times i can't even block it because of how far it's shooting me.
    Platform duration should be increased also, so we actually have more time to mine before it starts shooting again.

    Seriously, things are already slow enough, so annoying.
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    One word: Barrier

    The Barrier Generator does not only completelly nullify their effect, it also allows you to regenerate energy with high speed if you have it upgraded and/or use a companiun with energy regain per damage tick.

    I only have complaint here: it would be nice to make plant's GAS more transparent so you see where you are mining in all that green smoke.

    Another way seems to be the last upgrade of PathPainter, but since I do not know anyone who uses this module AND has it on 10 to begin with... But it does seem to make everything not attack you while the PP buff is active.

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    Guys, your doing it wrong. You don't need to use the barrier.

    move back and forth while you mine, try it either side to side or front to back, depending on where the plants are. 9 times out of 10, they will shoot to either side of you.

    Just try it and see for yourself.

    Edit: jumping in place also works.

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    I agree with the plants being nerfed a little, but as others have said if you invest in a shield or advanced tactics to avoid the plants you should be ok.

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