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    Updated - Network Connectivity Issues - June 29

    Update 2 - Unfortunately there is a much larger nationwide outage hitting Comcast that they are working to resolve. We don't have ability to resolve those issues on our end but have our network engineers ready to take whatever actions are needed as more info comes along. Thanks for your patience.

    Update 1 - The restart helped restore most connectivity for Xbox One players.

    Hey all,

    An ISP issue caused some players to get kicked offline temporarily. On PC and PS4 it recovered quickly, but Xbox One is not recovering. We'll need to do a restart to restore that connection.

    Downtime will start at 10:30 AM PDT (5:30 PM UTC) and should last under 30 minutes.

    Thanks you

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    No!!! My dragon coin challenges!!! Why? *sad face* thank you for the update fasti!

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