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Thread: Geode main quest line

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    Unhappy Geode main quest line

    Time: 2018.06.27 gmt+2 11:00
    Context: geode hub
    Game Details: Sorry but i dont remember what was the quest name :\
    Character Details: 29 Fae Trickster (ing: Bigreith)
    Expected: My mission was to run out of fuel, but after that crashed my game and the quest line is aborted. How can i continue the quest?

    Sry for bad english.

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    same glitch here

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    What do you mean aborted? Does it show up when you open adventure menu by pressing I ?

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    Press I to bring up the current events window, and you should see something Geode-related in one of the tabs. If it's truly not there, file a support ticket ASAP.
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