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    100 Eggs today:
    15 uncommon
    85 common...
    I hate that...

    I drop 5 rares previously... but I still need 6 more.


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    I’m going to go over a few critical flaws with this rarity system and provide some numbers, as have others, to prove just how excruciatingly time consuming and dull this gameplay-loop can really get. It should be noted that this is from my own experience, and won’t necessarily reflect everyone.

    I originally wanted to avoid mentioning old controversies, but since it wasn’t too long ago, I think it’s fair in this circumstance. The companion system can arguably be compared to the old dragon egg drop rates. Whereby, you could invest several hours of effort and not achieve any meaningful progress to the goal you set out for.

    To give you an idea of how much time & effort can truly be wasted, I obtained 1,000 eggs in the course of a few days. This was at a rate of ~25 eggs per cave session (before GAS ran out) which equates to roughly 30 minutes. So it’d take over 20h total (depending on cave generation & speed) of uninterrupted gameplay just to obtain all 1,000 eggs.

    Key points of the method used, which should be considered efficient:

    - all modules maxed, with Climbing Claw, Barrier Generator & Quizzical Qubrik companion as your active loadout.

    - use Novuhz’s Egg Finder mod, which saves a considerable amount of search time.

    - all eggs were obtained in T5 Sunken Sunvault to benefit from BG & lava to maintain N-charge.

    - have decent skill at using the CC, ideally where you only need to grapple once to pass any vertical cave segment. Taking advantage of upward momentum is extremely important.

    - ignore all other resources/critters.
    Accelerite cost (5,000 total):

    - 400,000 crystals (luckily companion decon cost made up for all of the crystals)
    - 10,000 dream dew
    - 10,000 cogwin
    - 250,000 gleamstone
    They were all hatched using accelerite. While fairly expensive, I’d otherwise be forced to wait over 138 days to hatch them all on top of the 20h of dedicated playtime. This is assuming you have 3 active at once and are available to replace them immediately after they’re ready, which is very unlikely.

    The results were extremely disappointing:

    - over the 1,000 eggs discovered, I never encountered a silver or gold egg. Keep in mind that that was all done in tier 5.

    - the first 400 eggs hatched, I did not receive a single rare, which can translate to roughly 8 hours of wasted time or over 55 days if I didn’t use accelerites.

    - out of the 7 rares obtained from all 1,000 eggs, 3 were duplicates.

    - I started with only 1 rare companion, and now have 5, which sadly doesn't mean much since I can still obtain further duplicates.
    Now, from what I’ve discussed with others, I got screwed pretty hard, but the fact results like this can occur in the first place is just outright inexcusable for what’s being asked of the player. The amount of time, effort and resources that goes into obtaining every single rare is baffling.

    Don't get me wrong, I know how important player retention is to an MMO, but this system does the polar opposite of what's expected. It pushes hard working players away for no good reason. It’s one thing if it was something like gems or power, which provided a genuine benefit, but this can be considered as pure mastery, as there's no direct statistical benefit to having rarer companions over former tiers.

    “Well, Comply, you said it yourself, it’s only mastery, you don’t have to get them.”

    Going to cover my bases, because I genuinely hate this argument, especially for a game that revolved around collecting items. You’re right, I don’t have to, and I also don’t have to play the game, but I’d certainly like to. It’s a goal to strive for, especially at end-game and should to some extent be obtainable in a fair & fun way.

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    Geode has been out 2 months. I have averaged 6 bronze eggs a day. I have still yet to open a rare companion.

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    reskinned soultraps + timegate

    soultraps above, bronze eggs below
    I've watched multiple unboxings of soultraps to know you can absolutely open 400 boxes without a rare

    "Why bother?" is what I've been thinkin lately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunar View Post
    reskinned soultraps + timegate

    soultraps above, bronze eggs below
    I've watched multiple unboxings of soultraps to know you can absolutely open 400 boxes without a rare

    "Why bother?" is what I've been thinkin lately.
    i never bothered to begin with once i found out what "loot eggs" practically were

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    I really, really hope we will be able to somehow buy the rare companions (even if it was through Luxion). I'm opening eggs at a normal pace and only got 2/8 rares, but I can't even imagine finally getting a rare and seeing, that's it's a duplicate, after so much time...

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    I'm currently at 354 eggs found and I have only unboxed 3 rares from Bronze eggs w/o the use of Lodestars (one being a dupe from previously getting it from Gold egg from Geodian Pack) and collected all Common and Uncommon Companions. Seems like I've been a bit more lucky on the rare drops but it does feel disappointing opening a batch of 100 eggs and not getting a single rare. :c

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