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    Quote Originally Posted by Comply View Post
    To give you an idea of how much time & effort can truly be wasted, I obtained 1,000 eggs in the course of a few days. This was at a rate of ~25 eggs per cave session (before GAS ran out) which equates to roughly 30 minutes. So it’d take over 20h total (depending on cave generation & speed) of uninterrupted gameplay just to obtain all 1,000 eggs.

    Yeah, you are totally right. I am already about to hit 300 eggs hatched this week (no silver eggs, even less golden eggs found yet), I only have gotten a rare (Enigmatic Qubrik) I am pretty lucky, cause I am getting at least 1 rare per week. I had 0 Accelerites, so had to craft them all, I do not even know how much flux I have wasted this week on this, I pretty much sustain of what I got from Crystal Caches (I got from 120-170 per round in Sunken), selling Pinatas to buy materials to craft the Accelerites.

    I hope they change this soon. The spawn of the Silver eggs should be changed, I am fine with the Golden eggs ratio, I mean it still a pretty rare item, so it is fine. Or at least let us craft the companions, I would love a lot more, to get like 100k crystals to craft one, to still wasting my time on this 'lottery'.

    Pic: https://imgur.com/BU8r0jr

    Edit: nvm I found a Silver Egg https://imgur.com/a/OUu6XBR

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkyRider3217 View Post
    I have only unboxed 3 rares from Bronze eggs
    I would literally murder someone at this point for that kind of luck. 2 months and nothing.

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    Why do we have to rely on one individual in order to get our voices/complaints heard?

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    Gold and Silver eggs should have a chance to spawn in any tier of the cave and after that is changed then the drop rate can be addressed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muffie View Post
    Gold and Silver eggs should have a chance to spawn in any tier of the cave
    This would change pretty much nothing as it takes less than 5 minutes to get to t5, much less t3, where the eggs start dropping.
    It would turn the progression and strategy of geode into something really degenerate, like maybe people would just be spamming t1 over and over for eggs. better not to take that risk.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    Today I've managed to roll the third rare companion after nearly 1,5 months of casual (6-8 eggs a day) egg opening. At this pace i will get the rest in maybe like a year, including the very high chance of getting duplicates. I have never encountered even a Silver egg in the caves and i have already collected over 800 eggs...

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    it took a while before clovers could be crafted into better gem level up charms so eventually bronze eggs could be traded for silver then gold eggs hopefully...

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    The fact Trion have put such a high value on even Silver eggs means they're massively out of touch here.

    They need to do something as, like I've said before, there is a real chance that you could grind these forever and never get all the rares because of the rareness of the gold eggs and the fact that they included dupes.

    So what to do? Personally i think they need to:

    Increase the drop rate on silver and gold
    Allow you to add lodestars to silver eggs to increase your chances of rares
    Get rid of dupes, even if it's just on rares

    If Trion insist on keeping the dupes then please just massively increase the drop rates so people who are done with Geode apart from some rare companions can move on from the endless hunt.

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    This week I found 2 silver eggs on t5, but I already dispointed, they ARE VERY HARD TO FIND, and only have a little chance to drop rare, but anyway if I drop a rare I need luck to drop a rare that I dont have.

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