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Thread: The Art of Warfare (TAW) Club Recruiting!

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    The Art of Warfare (TAW) Club Recruiting!


    About Us...

    The Art of Warfare (TAW) is a premier online multi-gaming community that has been around since 2001, with more than 40 games of all genres. Today, over 2500 casual, competitive, and professional gamers call TAW their home.What To Suspect…
    • A large, active teamspeak server and website
    • Structured and organized community with opportunities for leadership
    • Players of all levels, experience, and skill
    • Coordinated and populated events with gamers from different regions
    • Both casual and competitive play
    • Opportunities for relaxed sociable communications
    • Welcoming members and leaders from every game

    What We Offer…

    Our Trove division hosts a variety of seasoned TAW members and people who are new to TAW. We accept all players regardless of what your interests are: casual, competitive, or somewhere in between. Our members are always looking for ways to expand the team with new gamers and in game activities. As a team we provide a welcoming opportunity for gamers to participate in an active mature community with sociable events and coordinated in game activities.

    Requirements To Join...
    • Be able to understand and speak English (Not required to be perfect)
    • Must be willing to use TeamSpeak
    • Must be older than 16 years old
    • Have a mic
    • Be Mature and respectful to others
    • Be active
    • Most importantly have fun!
    How To Join…

    If you are interested in joining, all you have to do is travel to our website by clicking over HERE and create an account for the Trove division. Then keep an eye out for an email from us as we will contact you ASAP!

    Need More Information…

    Feel free to contact our staff using our discord if you have any questions, requests, or troubles. Or just comment below and we will try to respond as soon as possible! Feel free to contact me via email Bamsen@taw.net or in-game "RobbyFox" or /join TAW in chat!!

    Thanks and hope to see you n game!
    Colonel TAW|Bamsen
    TROVE: Staff Officer

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    A bit about myself I have been in TAW almost 6 year's along with two other household members we are an IRL TAW Family.! I joined TROVE 2 Years ago on PS4 but my community has given us a chance to bring this game to our community, so I switched to PC, so here we are! Can't wait to play with you all!

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    We are still recruiting for active builders for our Army style club as well as just friends to join our community! Check out the site join us in game =)

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    Ready to join a great group of fun friendly people? Like fairly regular shadow tower runs? Need help with game mechanics or quests? Then join us over in TAW! Check us out at taw.net or message PsychicChimp@taw.net for more info.

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    We'd love for you to join our active community! We run regular shadow tower runs on Mondays, as well as club quests together. New to the game? Have questions? We like helping new players get to know trove! Join us over in The Art of Warfare! Check us out at taw.net or message Amathist@taw.net for more info.

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    Hey, we have a strong and active team that is currently looking for more members. We do require a mic and that you be above 16 yrs of age. If interested, please check us out @ www.taw.net or just add me in game.

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    The Art of Warfare recruiting friendly and Active players for our growing club | lvl 4 | TeamSpeak Required | Weekly Events | Daily Quests | taw.net | /w RekonX in game

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    Still recuiting. Please message Amathist, PsychicChimp, or RekonX in game for invite. Apply at taw.net

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    New build additions to the club and adding more, come and check them out!

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