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Thread: Recruiting New Club

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    Recruiting New Club


    I'm a returning player from year 1 Trove. Looking to build a new club.

    I currently have "The Gentlemen" but you know... I'm not positive I want that for a club I'd like to invest in. Please reply with ideas on what would be a good club name. (Something modest...)

    Not looking for a "try hard" group. I just want to gather a community of friendly, Trove loving players. Players of all shapes and sizes are welcome. But if you're annoying, you're out. And we're not here to mooch or leech off of each other either. Just enjoying the game together as a community.

    Going to need some "architects" who would love to work on a fresh new canvas for the Club World. Will bounce ideas back and forth, then release the construction of the world fully over to the selected individuals who has a suitable and sound mind for the project. I will farm and donate needed blocks for the build.

    Cool story bro? Ok! Please reply if interested or just to share your thoughts!

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    Hey! I'm interested in joining a newly made guild which pretty much has the same vision as yours. If you'd consider it, I'll be in game for a few more hours. Same name as here.

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