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Thread: Resource draining neon beacons

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    Resource draining neon beacons

    Ok first i never new that the beacon was a consumable itme i wasted 45k flux for the cinabar to bit the beacon becuse i though it was a structure that calls not a consumible and the game dosent specify it so technocally i wasted 45k flux for 1 neon scrap case and the depresision and disalution i recieved.

    To be honest the crafting materials requierd are insane above 700 cinnabar with are 45k flux and robotic salvage also plamanium for a 1 use boss that when defeated gives me 1 neon scrap cas that only gives me 0.1% of the resources i wasted, i think this is unfair for a 1 time use even when i used it, gave me a shard but even so it wasnt worth. Doing hourly amperium ranpages gives me more sentenence shards then reuniting resources for a beacon.

    this wasnt advised before hand, also its somthing stupid for the insane resource it cost, i think this should have more uses like 7 per craft intead of 1 or a infinite beacon that can be placed, that takes 30 clubits to summon the trojan or andrea or the other thing.

    Ps. I also checked google wiki and trovasauros i didint day it was a consumible item

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    You get a sentience shard for throwing the beacon and they can be used to complete the rampage challenge.

    It also states it calls forth a boss, not really sure why you need it to say the beacon will be consumed on use. It would be silly if you crafted a beacon and you could call the boss from it whenever you wanted...

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    The cinnabar at least will be made easier to get after the Geode update goes live.
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