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    It's the Final Countdown to Geode Blast Off!

    Sunseeker Rowan and his squad have been hard at work preparing to build the massive space ship, Solidarity. Jump into Trove right now and do your part to help all of Trovian kind to take a giant leap into all-new adventures!

    This is the final week to take part in the Rise of the Sunseeker event, helping to gather materials for the Solidarity and also earning your very own personal replica in the form of the SS Solidarity.

    Plus, there’s one week of daily login rewards left to lead into Trove – Geode so be sure to hop into Trove every day to stock up on freebies.

    The Solidarity blasts off on June 26, 2018! Speaking of blasts, along with discovering a new way to play on the planet Geode we’re also rolling out Trove’s Bomber Royale competitive multiplayer mode. This fast, frenetic new game mode was called “the most fun game of the show (E3)” by Le Monde.

    Last, but not least, Spring Pinatas are 50% until June 26th so stock up and party hard to celebrate our next massive free expansion.

    Trove – Geode is much more than a whole new world, it’s the foundation for a much bigger Trovian universe to come!

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    Make sure to include a Geode Q&A!

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    Thank you Fasti I cannot wait...

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    Geode: Daily-Chores-Beyond!

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    Thumbs up

    can't you do this update in like... 100 years? because all it adds is boredom

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    The sale of ingame packs such as Eclipe pack, I don't see where the sale ends? Because I get my money this June 29 and I hope I can get them before it expires (sale)!
    Trove player since Sep 2015. Yes I came on Trove at this end of year, it had no gems before! Joined forums this 2018! Warning, some grammar mistakes can occur, I am French <3

    The Vanguardian class rocks! [Black Lodge Member]

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    cue a certain track by Europe.

    Looking forward to what this new content entails.

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