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Thread: Some cons

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    Some cons

    I like geode as an expansion, but I have to point out some cons:
    - Crystals are too hard to get. You have seen minimal or no complains about this, because of the availability of crystal pinatas, that give a very big amount of crystals.
    - Silver and golden companion eggs are too rare. Nothing more to say here.
    - Higher chance for uncommon drops in bronze eggs, higher chance for rare drops in silver eggs.
    - Make an inventory storage for geode materials. Just like with flux, glim, trove materials, dust, etc.
    - Make companion eggs easily noticeable on lower quality settings. Yes, I am aware that there is a red light to show people where the eggs are located, but on lower settings eggs appear only when you come near them.

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    I also agree with moving some geode resources (like ores and plants) to the third inventory tab. Most players on live probably have barely one full page in their adventure inventory. With all the new Geode resources, there won't even be enough room for a collection of companions, which is really an issue.
    However, crystal pinatas are still a drop from the lesser caches and are tradeable, so I can see that still being a reasonable source of crystals. Additionally, a set of 5 of the drillbits (also from the lesser caches) is worth 1500 crystals, which is a nice boost early-midway through the expansion.

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