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    Rise of the Sunseeker – New Event & Daily Login Rewards

    A warrior from the besieged planet of Geode has come to Trove to seek out warriors for his cause. First, he must get you to his home planet, and for that, you’ll need transportation.

    With the Rise of the Sunseeker event you’ll join your fellow Trovians to build a vessel capable of carrying our bravest adventurers on the journey. Building a ship of this size requires a massive amount of resources and lots and lots of magic.

    Help Rowan collect the materials needed and the ship will be built in the Hub over the next two weeks. Is two weeks enough time to build a massive space ship to visit previously unseen planet? Yup! Don’t forget there’s magic involved.

    Do your part to support the Rise of the Sunseeker and earn your very own smaller version of the ship, the SS Solidarity and a sail to match!

    With the launch of Geode we’re also introducing a new competitive multiplayer mode called Bomber Royale. You can jump into matches from anywhere and face off with up to 20 Trovians in a contest to be the last player standing. Hurl bombs, collect power ups, and use your grappling hook for a quick escape from danger!

    We’re at T-minus two weeks and counting so get ready to blast off on all new adventures with Trove – Geode launching on June 26, 2018!

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    Please consider griefers

    Trion... Please with everything you do... ask yourself... can griefers affect this? Because I'm standing in a hole that is as deep as the limit, filled with falling water to get to Mr. Sunseaker... He was griefed... almost all the way to hell (metaphorically)

    Please please please... with each build and quest and new thing you add... imagine what ******** can do to it, and prevent it.

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    -1680238 This world ID Rowan has been grieved to oblivion, He's just not there. Please lock him in.

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    Move Rowan to the platform that is literally right next to him. Can we please list out the login rewards? Also, how long is Rowan's follow up quest chain (it lacks the "x/y" bit)?

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    I agree with moving Rowan onto the indestructible platform *and* placing an indestructible block onto him like outpost NPCs have.

    This aside: Does the optional quest - that Rowan can give after the main mission - show a sneak peek of an upcomming Adventurine quest update like I assume here?


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