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Thread: Long time no see, how's trove been?

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    Long time no see, how's trove been?

    Sup fellas, been a long while since i played trove.
    I still see it is thriving and thought it'd be fun to waste some more time on it like the good ol days.

    I just wanna know, what are some of the pro's and con of trove nowadays, so i can adjust to them.
    Been over a year so, throw it at me.

    1138 pvp heads and counting.
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    Mostly the same. There's a new class now. You can find a summary of recent changes on trovesaurus I believe it was. Bomber Royale, a new pvp mode will be coming in a couple of weeks which you'll probably like.

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    grinding gems is how you get most pr now. you can grind and get binding darkness to change gem stats. pretty similar. lots of grinding and such. more places to make mounts. geode is gonan come out soon. so if you like mining that will be fun for you.

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    game is about to get a ton more grindy on june 26. whether that's a good or a bad thing is up for you to decide.

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