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Thread: Efficiency stats

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    Efficiency stats

    Im aware of the damage ratio of 15k PD or MD depending on class for every 100% CD but don't know the ratio for HP. I know for hr to have at least 140k any effect. What HP to hp% is it? Trying to have tank built a bit better and for classes with some health to last fine
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    going by numbers is such an old school way of thinking about things, if you want to get ALOT more accurate, you'll wanna go strictly by gem boosts, seperating empowered ones from lesser ones.

    With that in mind, the best health to percentage health boost ratio (assuming all your boosts are specced into health stats) is 4/5/8/10, that being 4 of your empowered boosts into flat health, 5 of them into percentage, 8 of the lesser ones into flat, and the last 10 into percentage.

    This same way of thinking also applies to damage stats, i recommend you check out this page for more info, slightly complocated to get into, but immensely rewarding once you understand it.
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