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Thread: Enough Is Enough With Empowered Radiant Gems.

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    Enough Is Enough With Empowered Radiant Gems.

    I'm tired of waiting every Monday to do ST, and get my Lunar souls only to end up getting Radient gems from 98% of them with the few Stellars being 1 or maybe 2 stars, and not anything I need.

    Can you guys at Trion please take the Radiants out of the empowered gem boxes? I mean, you got radiants from adventurine at club worlds people could buy (not like anyone will). So what's the deal? Can we finally address this issue, or has it been talked about many times on the forums?

    I just want some 3 star stellars with all those lunar souls I wasted, I could have already done collected all the mounts and items in that section/tab on the shadow market, but nope, I'm new, and keep trying to get more stellar empowered gems crossing my fingers for 3 stars, but hardly ever end up getting them.

    The odds to beat are very low. Just making it stellar gems only would be much better odds of getting a 3 star stellar gem, and one you might need.

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    Every radiant gem you loot collect will give you an empowered fragment, you can take 10 of these and make a guaranteed stellar gem.
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    When I started Trove, I wondered when I would be able to get all stellar emp gems because it seemed to me there was no way for me to get them soon. I bought them with lunar souls like you then frustrated. In my opinion, the best way to get them is to participate in weekly contest. Every week random 3 classes show in weekly contest. You need to level up your class to PR 5000 to get 2 emp gem box. Unlock all classes starting with easy one – starter classes, level them up to PR 5000 one by one. XP day is helpful. It is not that difficult to get them PR 5000. You will get 6 gem box every week automatically. Do other weekly contest as well such as infinium Mining, Glim collected, Dungeon cleared. If you have not enough time just do one of them. Do not forget you can buy radiant emp gem box with adventurine. Majority of emp gem box will give you radiant gems. Loot collect them and craft stellar gem box at Adventure crafting bench. I know it will take time. One day you will get stellar gem you wish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WinBoat View Post
    I just want some 3 star stellars
    3 stars doesn't matter

    What matter is if the gem has 3 stats at lvl 1. Please ignore the stars this is a big mistake all the new players do.

    and like the other guy said do the contests every week, you will get a lot more empowered gem boxes. You can also craft stellar empowered gem boxes with loot collecting those radiant/stellar empowered gems (incase u don't get 3 stats on the stellar empowered gem).

    Also when we all started Mantle of Power we used even 2 stat stellar empowered gem boxes, because they are still good and much better than 3 stat radiant gems.

    That's another mistake from new players, they are loot collecting empowered stellar gems with 2 stats instead of using them. Also another tip if you are gonna use 2 stat stellar empowered gem do not waste augments on it, you can lvl it to whatever but don't waste augments.

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