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    Trove Dev Questions - June15

    Hit us up with your questions for the dev team. We'll answer as many as we can on the Friday livestream.

    Thanks, everyone!

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    Need a alternative solution to daily sentience shard beside Rampage. Can consider daily 1st beacon kill also count for daily sentience shard?

    Any plan to add new mount into Light / Dark chaos vault? ( a mini pegasus? )

    When and do we have to use all daily login coin before Radiant dayspring retire?

    So, we have Air, Water, Fire and Earth gem?... Will that gradually evolve into element system?

    Questions regarding Patron on Geode
    Patron was originally designed to the experience on the Trove planet, it didn't fit with the experience we are making on Geode. Rather than shoehorning it in, we have kept it clear what patron does and does not effect and will be evaluating it to how it can extend to Geode so that its clear, benefits and makes sense.
    U10 is on GEODE too... Are there plan for a new set of patron bonuses for GEODE?

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    1. Do we need to farm "dust" for U10?
    2. Will "Patron pass" work in the new U10?
    3. Will "MF" work in the new U10?

    I played Archage year+ (2014-2015) and such changes killed that game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    Since this did not get answered last week, posting it once again.

    If you are in Geode, will you still get challenge notifications for the start of the Hourly challenges?

    From what I remember on the PTS, the one top of the hour that I was there, I did not get notified that the rampage/challenge had started. This question relates to my concern about how Geode is going to tie into the existing game, or is it going to obsolete the older content and there is no link between. We cant understand without an explanation from the Dev team how this is supposed to tie together, and how it affects the current player base. I still have several fragment dragons that I need both Fragments and Dragon coins for. With Luxion added to the picture, we have the need for even more dragon coins than just getting all the dragons required in the past. Therefor, it is important to get those notifications when your in Geode as you still need the Dragon coins (and the Rampage mats).

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    1.- What about to remove / change the missions of Dungeons / Enemies of all heroes ... these quest are very annoying ...
    2.- I know there are many questions about this, but how about changing all the club quest to 10 (x10 aventurine, x10 experience, x10 requirements) like ... 50 boxes of gems, 530 adv, 1500 exp? And only 22 missions a day

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    1) What about Shadow Labirynth project that you announced a few months ago? Do developers are still working on it or the project have been abandoned?

    2) Will the Sunseeker Elixir be craftable?

    3) Will you add more elixirs to the game?


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    Since the announcement of Geode, I've gotten the impression that the dev team has started putting a lot more focus on listening to and acting on player feedback than in the past. Is this accurate? If so, will there ever be a place where players can suggest new ideas where we know that someone on the team will read them?

    At the moment, gear makes up a tiny fraction of a player's PR. With new gem slots, this is likely to grow even more noticeable. Will we ever get new ways to significantly upgrade our gear, such as a new type of pearl-like item?

    Will the new gems also be gotten through gem boxes dropped from chests and by world bosses or will the way to get them require some new objective to be completed instead?

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    Will the clubs level be retroactively adjusted after the club xp requirements change in Geode?

    Consider adding the movement speed bonus to the ice sage subclass.

    Consider changing Sundays chaos chest bonus to double/triple drops, the increased chance has had no noticable effect on our end.

    Consider having two classes at a time when doing costume sales, they're so infrequent now, plus it might help the chance of a class we have yet to see go on sale.

    Consider fixing the patron bonuses that still don't work right since Heroes release, battle box bonuses haven't been commented on and people continue to not get lustrous boxes every other week with multiple replies of 'we'll look into it.. again'.

    Consider listening to players who all have the same thoughts on the cave system: where's the shortcut to deeper tiers? not even as a cosumable option?

    Reconsider making the geode hub vertical, we already had a vertical hub with a tower of portals everyone disliked to jump spam to navigate... especially when dungeon challenges were our only option for challenges.

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    Any update on the name wipe? I understand you guys are busy and want to focus more on bigger projects but It's been about half a year now and I just wanted to know if it has been pushed back farther or if it was canceled.

    Since Undertow will eventually become a boss in the near future will there be more bosses introduced as well? Todstroms been around for quite a while now and he hasn't really done much, would be nice to finally have him as a boss.
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