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Thread: 16x16 "chunk" missing from club world

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    16x16 "chunk" missing from club world

    Time: 2018-06-09 10:41:06 UTC

    Context: I tried to terraform a section of "Sea of deep regret" into "Volcanic Fields"
    When I did it terraformed, but left a 16x16 chunk of "sea of deep regret" in it, which we can not fill in as it removes whatever we place there.
    This looks like it might be a corrupted area.

    Game Details: The club is "Space Fejoas Rule"

    Character Details: I don't think my character has any influence over this issue, but it was a dracolyte, level 16-17.

    Expected: I expected the terraforming to be consistant and not miss any chunks, or that we could fill in missing chunks once it finished.

    Observed: I went to the worldspring and built a Volcanic Fields terraformer, I used the terraformer, it looked ok so I didn't cancel it...
    Then when it finished there was an area missing.

    Image/Video Documentation: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfil...?id=1407591673

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    can confirm its not just visual on their part or didn't load a section just for them.
    worldid: 5548755955172286721
    location: -144,54,-25

    and it does do damage in the water. its as if a cornerstone was attempted to be produced but overwritten with a command that prevents cornerstones in club
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    My issue was solved by re applying the terraform

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