My club Darkfire is currently recruiting players of any pr, expertise, and mastery! The leader (Me), is Oddbaum21, I play daily. We have many great officers, even if they might not be on Trove very often. Our officers are bigmoney24seven (memelord, he made an island of memes), Kaijlii_Jiann, who is probably the best builder I've ever met (I'm not kidding, they made a build, and I'm very sure that my jaw was hanging open as I looked at it. It got griefed, however.), We have Shadow-Beats427 (I'm very unsure on his PSN, I'll check it) He has the most pr in our whole club, around 20k or more power rank on his gunslinger. But don't constantly beg him for carries and things, he leaves chat alot and has his own club to attend to. We have two more officers that I personally know, Epscreedlmeyer and adeer_ponceXD, but they rarely play. We have a few more officers, but they don't really play Trove any more. I made our current hub, and I'm pretty proud of it. We only recently changed hubs. If you need carries in u7, u8, u9, or Shadow Tower, I'll carry you, unless I need to do something, and Bigmoney24seven might carry you, I'm unsure. We have many nice builds, many biomes, and tons of other things. Come join Darkfire by posting yor psn on here, and it would also be preferrable to PSN message me while you're on Trove. I'll add Pictures in a little bit.