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Thread: Trove crashing at loading player - temporary solution utill fix by devs

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    Update: OK so after the improvement update everything works perfectly now.
    Use this code if you are below 20 mastery.

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    If you want to get a little "techie" the CrashHandler can be disabled like so:
    1 - Browse to your Trove Live folder (e.g. C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Trove\Games\Trove \Live)
    2 - Locate CrashHandler.exe and either delete it or rename it
    3 - Create a new text document and call it CrashHandler.exe. NOTE: The ability to rename a file extension is only available if you have the option to view File Name Extensions turned on. Please google this if you don't know how. NOTE2: Accidentally changing the extension of an important file can have disastrous consequences. You've been warned.
    4 - Right-click your new CrashHandler.exe and choose properties.
    5 - On the first tab entitled General check the 'Read Only' box
    6 - On the third tab, entitled Security, choose the advanced button.
    7 - On the Permissions tab in the advanced security settings popup click the button at the bottom to Disabled Inheritance. The best option is to copy the settings instead of erase them all.
    8 - You can now remove permissions from the file. Remove all permissions except Administrators and click Close or OK until all the windows are gone.

    When you launch Glyph is will still recognize that you've tampered with the CrashHandler.exe file but because you've restricted permissions the Glyph client won't be able to fix it. You will get an error message from the Glyph client that it could not install a file or something but you can ignore it.

    Eventually this bug will probably be patched at which time you just need to go to the Trove\Live folder and delete your fake CrashHandler.exe and the Glyph client will be able to reinstalled the file again.

    PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT unless you are comfortable with all these instructions and feel confident that you can do this.

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    Question does this really work???????????

    does this really work??

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