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Thread: Trove crashing at loading player - temporary solution utill fix by devs

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    Trove crashing at loading player - temporary solution utill fix by devs

    Today at 00:26
    I havefound the cause of the problem it aint my pc specs ill tell u step by step on hoe i solved the isue apparently when i got invited to the club theese crash isues stareted at first i thought itmight be jus 1 in 1 million crash after 20 crashes later i contact fouroms then couldnt find a solution i posted to support by submitting a ticket ,now to the solucion

    After lots of replies support thought it was that my specs wereto low, but iknew this wasnt thecase sincei can run terra with minimal lag, so tierd of waiting the solution i decidedto turn te tables.

    Aparrently i suspected it could be a type of loop since the crashes happened in acertain time when loading player so i ,thought what if i removed the crash handler in trove and run the game would it crash or force the character to load and bypass the loop i was stuck in since trove couldnt use the crash handler to close the game so the crash handler can make a report.
    Acnowledging this theory i dicided to try it, but i couldnt since when i deleted the crash handler in the trove folder live it would reinstall or redownload each time ihit play in the laucher so what i did.

    I deleted the sound folder and let the crash handler be, when the sound foulder was being installed back to trove by glyph when i selected play button. i deleted the crash handler in trove live folder, by doing this in this exact time ,glyph didnt had the apternative to reinstall crash handler instead it launch trove withount it since it finished exacly to intall the mising file,why would glyph scan again if it downloaded the file that it detected itwas missing , witch is a logical thing to do.

    So, i lauched trove withount the crash handler ,as i stated in theory when it was in loading player, trove didint crash , instead it loaded the club world i got invited i hit hotkey h got out of the club and to the hub with no poblems and no crashings.

    So, when i got invited whioe in a boat to the club world on the loading screen while in loading player caused a bug handler imeaditly crashed trove since ther was somthing wrong to send the report to trion by doing so, cause a continuos loop in the server with my account by precising the crash tied in my accout that same time, now by deleting crash handler in that cant provoke the report error by crashing the game at the prcise loop time trove.exe didint had no red lights to stopbecase of somthing wrong and forced my player to be loaded in the server withount having crash handler to disturb thr process.

    In other words trion ther a problem in the crash handler that causes a loop between loading player and the server and automatically says the game crash and the game follows by not having crash handper the game forces the player to load and solves my situation.

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    thank you man I got the same error and you made it work again

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