Additional Updates
  • Removed the unintended Moonlit Moss from the T5 Moonglow Grotto caves.
  • Replaced a duplicate Geodian Furnishings recipe on the Geodian Workbench with the intended recipe.
  • Tempest Dragon Fragments now also deconstruct in to 12,000 Adventurine.
  • Fixed the Climbing Claw upgrade that grants no N-Charge cost for every 3/6 crystals collected.
  • Updated reliquary descriptions to more accurately describe their contents and how Lodestars affect them.
  • Q'bthulhu strikes from unseen angles, and the Sword of Virtue is no more.
  • The Mining Platform from the Geodian Thread is no longer tradable.
  • The /mastery and /geodemastery commands should now be better about module upgrades.
  • Removed mastery from all items granted by the Streamer Dream Box - this includes all allies under Streamer Dream along with the Robo Raptor mount and Balefire Wings. The Balefire Wings have additionally been moved to the Promo category rather than the Rare category.