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Long ago, the Sun Goddess’ light shone so brightly that it hid many of her treasures from Q’bthulhu’s dark influence. Following the sundering of Trove, her powers waned, and though it has taken over a thousand years, the once-hidden planet of Geode was discovered by the forces of shadow.Geodians looked to the Builder for a place where they could be safe from the Shadow and discovered a massive, ancient tool of creation that the Builder left behind. A powerful aura of light magic surrounded the Builder’s tool, allowing the Geodians to create a barrier protecting them from the Shadow. In this Sanctuary, you’ll find denizens of Geode great and small. Explore the Geodian Hub and meet the Boulders and Pebbles.BouldersTheir massive size can be very intimidating but they are committed to peaceful harmony in their world. These gentle giants exemplify strength in its truest, purest form.
PebblesWhat these tiny Geodians lack in mass they make up for in ingenuity. Pebbles tend to be historians, architects, and engineers. They care deeply about understanding their world and caring for all the creatures in it.
These Geodians sought to drive out the forces of shadow, therefore many have joined the Sunseekers (an ancient sect of warriors who have remained vigilant against the shadow even as they sought peace). The Sunseekers have carried on the tales of the Sun Goddess from the days of the Sundering, and recognize the Shadow as being the work of Q’bthulhu. They created the Sunseeker Tower in the Geodian sanctuary in an effort to reach out to the Sun Goddess.
The Sun Goddess answered the Sunseekers’ pleas by illuminating the planet of Trove in the night sky. The Sunseekers crafted a small ship to carry an emissary to Trove. The powerful magic of the Trovian Atlas revealed a mysterious world to the residents of Trove but they were blissfully ignorant of what was to come. All that is about to change as Sunseeker Rowan will soon arrive on Trove. With his arrival comes a call to all Trovians to gather resources and help build a vessel to carry brave adventurers to this mysterious new world. Rowan, his fellow Sunseeekers, as well as the pebbles & boulders will be powerful allies for Trovians seeking all-new adventures!
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