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Thread: Please bring back old Mastery Rank and Leaderboard Rewards!!!

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    Angry Please bring back old Mastery Rank and Leaderboard Rewards!!!

    Today, I just hit Mastery 201. I look at the new rewards...
    Before I go any further, I need to clarify this: I have been playing Trove before Adventures update came out. If anybody remembers, before Adventures came out, you could see what rewards you would get for Mastery 101-200, or 201-300, even if you have not reached the mastery needed. In Mastery 201-300 section, there used to be 3 golden chaos chests, and a chaos factor coin.
    So, I look at the new rewards... and I see that the chaos factor coin, 3 golden chaos chests, master's arsenal, and some other item have been replaced. The replacements are Golden Dragon Effigy (which is actually worth it), 5 Radiant Sovereigns, Eclipse Key Codex, and some other item.
    The Golden Dragon Effigy is way better than the old items, but Eclipse Key Codex?
    The Eclipse Key Codex is not worth it. For those of you who don't know, the Eclipse Key Codex is a Legendary tome that, when filled with experience, produces 5 eclipse keys.
    At my level, 5 eclipse keys can be easily obtained with 5-10 minutes of U9 farming.
    Maybe if the Eclipse Key Codex wasn't weekly, it would be worth it (we would get a lot more keys than 5-10 minutes of U9 farming), but it is just garbage currently.
    The same goes to the 5 radiant sovereigns. That is maybe 25 party animals or 1 golden chaos chest (why was the price changed from 3 to 4?) but it is just not worth it. Chaos Factor coin and 3 golden chaos chests was WAY better than Eclipse Key Codex and 5 radiant sovereigns.

    Concerning the Mastery leaderboards:
    I remember before Adventures when Mastery leaderboards were good. For those of you who don't know, before the Adventures update, the Mastery leaderboard had tangible prizes and not just the yellow name. I remember when I was only 50 mastery and I would get a Ninth Life weekly. If I was away I would get Ninth Life boosters anyway. I know that we can just do 1 U9 dungeon now to get the booster, but I still like the mastery leaderboard the way it was. I think that there should be more rewards than a colored name.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealBenjiYokai View Post
    I think that there should be more rewards than a colored name.
    Primary reason for mastery prize removal was that it was repeatedly rewarding players with mass amounts of high value stuff, in an indefinite amount of time, potentially and most likely for no continuous effort.
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