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Thread: (Suggestion) Pearl of Wisdom

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    (Suggestion) Pearl of Wisdom

    I have read that you can get PoW through destroying gears in the loot collector, though no one has ever got one?

    I think the right thing to do would be to create a new item to craft a PoW

    Let's see...

    When you destroy an item, it sometime already have PoW stats on it, When an item has atleast 4 PoW stats, you would get a Pearl of Wisdom Fragment
    (You would need 8 fragment to make the Pearl)

    Like so, yes, it would still be hard to get, but not has impossible has right now. And this myth that you can get pearl from destroying items would become actually real.

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    I know the main way to get them was supposed to be a drop in primal uber worlds. Out of all the time has passed I think I've gotten 2-5 and then a lot more from chaos chest. So far with how much time it takes they're good source of flux for people to sell but also means takes a while or chunk of flux to rush gear. A number of people have wanted pearled gear to drop something
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    neat idea,
    atm I get about 8-10 pow a week easy just by medium grinding a hour a day. My club has the pow fixture in it, which is the pow fix I think you may be missing out on.

    if we added this to the game I would have 100's of pow a week.

    good idea but needs to be tweaked, I get about 200 stellars a week about 50 rads most have 1 to 4 pearls on them...

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