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I renamed the club for a better playing this one rename as the names on our heads ITS NOT WORK ON PORTAL ? it's been 4 days id world : 7882551955667291315 name : XIIs Corporation ( xii ) /joinworld xiis corporation its work ( old name : Les 12 salopards ) HOW a rename club does not change the name of the club on the portal 3k credit 20$ ______________________________ There is a solution ? i have create other club with my old name club for not lost my first name (tag team multi-gaming)
This is a known bug we're working to get fixed. For now, after using the card to rename the club just use this command to rename the world as well: /renameworld "XIIs Corporation" As for joining the world, if you come in from the Club Tower in the Hub will always spawn in at the Rally of Heroes. Everyone else who joins the club will spawn at the spawn point.
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