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Thread: Tooltip scaling bug?

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    Tooltip scaling bug?

    This has been a thing for quite some time now. Thought it was common enough to eventually get fixed but seem not.. Or could this be affected by a mod which require updated, if so, any idea which one? I have quite a few installed.

    It seems to be occuring at random while looking at items/portals/benches which has tooltips with text inside them. Sometimes it warps and look WAY too small and unreadable, and sometimes the item tooltips get way bigger than normal.

    Here's some examples, please try to find a solution to this :/
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    its not problem with mods
    its problem with game

    you can go to
    settings > video > switch to opengl
    miscellaneous > check enable multithreading

    and it will fix tooltips but will leave you with that type of damage numbers

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