For the last 2 weeks or so, the game has been performing really bad. I know the occasional crash happens, but this has gotten bad enough for me to write here. i just want to let you know that xbox has been a lot worse than it normally is. This seems like it started after a Maintenance/Patch?server reset 2 weeks ago.

1) My game has been crashing almost every 5-10 minutes. Most of these crashes occur when I am going to either a club after choosing it from the UI or going into a portal.

2) Game crashes a bit when I try to open a personal chest, crafting bench, or club chest. Not every time, but a lot.

3) The game goes into a black screen suddenly then Dashboard crashes. This is completely random and happens about every 10 minutes or so.

4) I have been getting a lot of "selecting a slot" errors that force me to manually reset the game.

5) When I reload the game sometimes, the blocks lower than the surface (including in caves and dungeons) will be black and i cannot see...or they will become a weird pattern. I have to reset the game to clear it up.

6) The servers have been experiencing a LOT more issues lately as well. A lot more rubberbanding and lag issues or I suddenly disappear and then reappear back a bit before where i was.

Thank you for looking into this and I just wanted to report this to you guys.