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Thanks for your work Shiro ! But as usual, my questions are never answered ! . Ill stop asking questions about content/bug/idea now.
These questions?
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It becomes frustrating to not be able to enjoy the Patron bonus because we have to undergo maintenance every Tuesday. It as been now 1 full month that I can not benefit from my play time for: Triple Fishing Speed Triple Radiant Shard Drops 40% Bonus Harvest Chance 100% Bonus Ore Chance Could you please do something ?
We don't do maintenance every Tuesday. When we do maintenance, for the most part, it will be on a Tuesday but that has no impact on your Patron status. If there is missing info please share it. You're asking us to do something, but I'm not sure what you're looking for. We aren't moving our update days off Tuesday. If we did that then someone would be upset it's happening on that day as well. We do it on Tuesdays as it has minimal likelihood to be affected by holidays. It also allows us to have updates out for the majority of the work week which allows the full dev team to intervene if unexpected situations arise.
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