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Thread: Concerned about Geode..

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    Unhappy Concerned about Geode..

    There will never be enough of these Geode-concern posts..

    I wonder what will happen with Trove after Geode, like it makes everything so much more complicated(?) I mean, it will most likely be like having two games inside of one..

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    Good luck trying to explain how to play the game to new players....
    Most people have a hard time learning trove as is...

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    I am also very concerned about Geode.
    It it like a whole separate game, and they are using it as Uber 10's foundation!?
    Are we going to have to spend our time [and maybe our money] to upgrade GEODE stuff just to level up our Stellar gear to Astral gear? (that is what they are being called by the community)
    I am very worried about how Uber 10 is going to be built on top of GEODE. We could be working on our regular mastery, but if we need GEODE mastery to upgrade our gear to the next tier, I am very worried.
    Another thing I am concerned about is how the developers are forcing us to play Bomber Royale. They said that Bomber Royale is not going to count for Battle Level, so if you don't have a club with a PVP arena, you are never going to get that platinum trophy (or gamer score if you are on Xbox).
    Not sure who came up with GEODE but it is a bad idea.

    WTB an energy drill so that I can build up my army (who wanna sign up), take down the barrier and be the first into U10.
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