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    This is my question regarding my Lucky Chest and Personal Lobby System.
    Back in December 23rd, I came up with the 'Lucky Chest and Personal Lobby System'.
    Fasti told me that the developers were out for holidays but he would submit my idea to them as soon as they got back.
    I have yet to hear a word about my idea being put into the game.
    Did the developers ever get my idea? If so, was it rejected or in the works?
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    If you are in Geode, will you still get challenge notifications for the start of the Hourly challenges?

    From what I remember on the PTS, the one top of the hour that I was there, I did not get notified that the rampage/challenge had started. This question relates to my concern about how Geode is going to tie into the existing game, or is it going to obsolete the older content and there is no link between. We cant understand without an explanation from the Dev team how this is supposed to tie together, and how it affects the current player base. I still have several fragment dragons that I need both Fragments and Dragon coins for. With Luxion added to the picture, we have the need for even more dragon coins than just getting all the dragons required in the past. Therefor, it is important to get those notifications when your in Geode as you still need the Dragon coins (and the Rampage mats).

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    Quote Originally Posted by AD0NIS Lkz05 View Post
    see who gives xp in club . (on list club) because the rewards intraclub by leader/vp/officer its create by clubits add . donate its good xp its even better
    I really agree with seeing how much xp people have grinded in my club. I want to reward the people who actually grind in my club but I can only base that off of clubits donation. with how expensive things are in the merchant someone can grind tons but not be rewarded an I REALLY want to see this added!

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    I'm sick of changing tomes....
    Can we rethink this to automatically just change tomes.
    Start at the top and work its way down.

    Only have the repeatable ones lock and not change...

    To many tomes....

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    Closing up the thread for the week. Thanks, all!

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