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    Are there any plans to add new bosses with or soon after u10?

    What reworks are coming to regular Trove combat with the u10 update?

    With Q'bthulhu being built up as a major antagonist in the Trove universe, are there plans to have the player encounter them, possibly as a boss?

    Will u10 just be like u9, but with different biomes and tougher enemies, or will there be more to do in it other than farming dungeons?

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    Final fantasy had very fun rare mob system that players loved.
    My idea for trove would be to have a very rare chance to have a rare version of a ST boss to spawn.
    This boss can drop a ring box. This ring can have a extra stat. Boa item so it can't be traded.

    Have you thought about adding some very rare gear?

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    Keep the questions coming, folks!

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    How is Bound Brilliance going to work after the radiant dayspring is gone?

    Any plans on making it more precise to use frameworks like the trees? It's kind of a chore to place them correctly.

    The leaderboards function of the shadow tower portal is hard to use, specially if you're in a club world, is there any way to make it work better? (when i choose another difficulty it resets the boss, when I choose the boss it resets the difficulty and so on)

    Some times when doing a shadow tower, after crossing a portal it teleports me to another random shadow tower that another player is doing. (Once when crossing the portal to UM Hydra boss room, I was sent to a NM Weeping Prophet room that other people were doing)

    The vanguardian model is insanely tall compared to others and that also makes it clip through mounts and mag riders, any way to scale mounts when being used by a vanguardian or trimming him to 'normal' size?

    After the update on 2~3x moon souls on monday, the empowered gem tome that gives 1 empowered gem box and then sleeps for a week is kinda meaningless, any plans on buffing it?

    Any chance to make the market like steam market? Where we can place a buy order for x item paying y value and if someone wants to sell instantly they can just match that price?

    Any plans to fix vanguardian clipping?

    Any way to make the bonus days customizable? For example, every sunday you can change your bonus day order or it defaults to the last one you had. It'll be nice for players that can't play on monday to get shadow towers so they can reschedule the shadow tower bonus to another day based on their preference.

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    will the new aura be unlockable with prism or only from bomber royal?

    any way we can earn streamer dream codes another way? I have watched allot of streamers an Dev stream an only ever gotten 3 Ally, I really wish to earn these another way.

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    When can we expect to get a weekly class contest where not the same 25 people will automatically claim the top 2 prizes?

    -It is just dis-couraging for other peoples if they know they can't compete anyways since there is an unpassable wall to begin with.

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    With the introduction of Luxion, dragon coins have more uses now than ever; That being said, will there be more ways to obtain Dragon Coins due to the sheer amount needed to collect everything?

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    I've played everyday since launch,I'm still missing 6 aura not missing 1 emp box since beta.

    How do I get that mastery?

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    I would really like to hear the story—no details spared—on...

    Where Geode came from and how that bubbled up through the theory, ideation, and development processes...

    What does Trion hope to achieve with Geode?

    Long-term, what would the devs like to do with Geode post U10, late 2018, 2019, etc.

    How far into the future does the developmental roadmap for Trove go? (even if it's just ideas on whiteboards and paper)

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    Patron Pass geode ?
    work with ressource and xother day ?
    patron pass parallel or complementary with bonus of geode ?

    RAMPAGE : Have the opportunity every 3 or 4 hours to make club rampage
    or certain days to help people / members late AND give a sense of club sharing
    MAYBE 1 idea . one box rampage craftable , every member add ressource for throw boss

    EVENT CLUB FiXTURE . for move fixture for free

    see who gives xp in club . (on list club) because the rewards intraclub by leader/vp/officer its create by clubits add . donate its good xp its even better

    problem in club world never patched , prop and aura on biome forbidden ( in club )

    are going to be more attentive to the person playing multi-account and the person cheating with new contest ?
    far too much club portal to the hub (club active) brings us on club of fishing and club with just rally of heroes and really not interressnet to see

    as I already said, ideas are not what's missing the problem is the time to create them and satisfy everyone

    with the temp you made very good work , i love TROVE
    for the future livestream, try not to always put the same club that we steal the members forward
    Thankss for all

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