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    Trove Dev Questions - June 8

    Hey again, everyone!

    Get your questions in for the dev team and we'll answer as many as possible on the livestream this week.


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    Finally hit mastery 550, I feel I've done everything in game to earn my mastery.
    I would like to have all the items not in the game that give mastery.
    Streamer items, Dev items etc.
    I can not grind these items or do a task to get them, these are about who you know not what you have done or can do.

    Can we get all items not in game that give mastery added to lux?

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    Since Patron does 0 for geode, do you recommend we all NOT have patron active for the next 3 months as we go through the geode content?

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    When are we getting the next 'All Bonuses Active' week? I don't think we've had one since the new Daily Bonuses were introduced.

    Additional question: What effect is the 'Double PVP XP' week going to have on the Bomber Royale mode?

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    A couple streams ago you guys said that we would see new gems with stats we have never seen before. Will we possibly see the double hit stat that is currently only obtainable through the club ultimate fixture be expanded upon? Or will we see something along the lines of utility stats such as move speed or jump.
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    1) As patron do nothing on geode, so any possible way to stop patron active time when player entered geode world?

    2) Any plan to remove the mastery point of streamer dream 1 items or make it can be obtain in game?

    3) Will the Panda, Centaur, Llama, Shmeep and Griffon can be unlocked via super mount stash?

    4) Any new itmes be added in store and able to buy it for cubit in future?

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    Can patrons get 2 lustrous boxes dropping at a time?, currently we have to work twice as much as a non patron to collect them all

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    Will the new gems you mentioned dropping in U10 replace our Stellar Water/Air/Fire Gems we currently have?

    Will Geode be a prerequisite to U10?

    What power rank will be needed for U10?

    If questions we ask on this forum are not answered on stream, can they be followed up on and answered in forums?

    When it comes to our costumes I love to match with my mounts, is there any way we could get costume dye?

    My patron is almost up, with Geode content not benefiting from patron if I will be primarily running Geode should I wait on renewing?

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    A huge leap from subclass 20k to subclass 25k badge, 99.9% cant attain.
    Pointless and expensive to have multi 25k class. Care to add some 25k class badge as incentive to encourage ppl slowly reach for subclass 25k badge?

    Beside U10, will there be U11 / U12 / Earth element world?

    Possible to add a way to transfer cornerstone ownership (with everything intact) to another person?

    Devs thought on Hidden Boss feature?

    Really like the Trovian Triple Ace Plane, for the N times, when will we see 1:1 scale mount/boat decor ingame? I want to place the plane in my CS.

    Has the Leaderboard revamp finalize? Due for this year?

    Since ppl are complaining about binding darkness droprate, how about add it to shadowy market?

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