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Thread: Shadow tower glitch

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    Unhappy Shadow tower glitch

    its a very rare chance for it to happen but on the normal ps4 sometimes when i enter a portal after finishing a floor of shadow tower i get sent to another persons shadow tower and the most recent one i completed the 1st floor of normal Spike walker and when i entered to portal i was sent to a boss room with someone else even though i entered alone and was on the first floor.

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    Had the same issue about 4-5 times when doing Ultra Pinata.

    For me it seems like one specific club shadow tower portal is linked(?) Or sth like that with another clubs shadow tower portal because 3 or 4 times when i did U3 and took the Portal from Floor 1 to 2, i entered the N1 Boss floor (or h1 idk) Portal of another club where always the same 2 Persons did the dungeon.

    So it might be sth like club portals of different clubs beeing connected when they are placed at the same coords.
    Cant imagine anything else if i get ported to the same 2 people multiple times when doing u3 and they always were doing spikewalker normal or hard.

    Edit: When i take the "glitched" club portal that is already open,i have the following rooms:
    Standing in Club in Front of the Portal -> Entering portal and come to Ultra Pinata floor 1 -> Entering portal and reach Spike Walker (normal or hard) boss room
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    I have had the same issue when doing Hard Spike Walker. Sometimes when I go to the Pinnacle, I get sent from Hard Pinnacle to Normal Pinnacle.
    Try going to a club world, the glitch only happens to me when I use the lobby in the Trovian Atlas.
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