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    Post Trove Livestream Notes 01/06/2018

    Welcome to the latest live stream notes thread!

    Todays stream featured some gameplay of bomber royale offering a chance via the PTS to get some nice healthy developer battle trophies, if you could manage earning a kill that is.

    Questions and Answers Session:

    Can I safely skip Geode without dropping out of top mastery and can I still do u10?
    Great chance that U10 will exist initially on the surface of Geode. It shouldn't be too dependant on deep cave gameplay but players who have access to cave resources may supplement their overworld play with beneficial items.[/COLOR]

    Will you please consider removing trove mastery from Geode stuff, please allow us to skip Geode if we don't like it.
    Right now the interconnected mastery systems are likely to not change from their current forms. We will keep an eye out on feedback.

    Will there be a new primordial dragon when the new type of gems is out?
    If there was ever a time to release the second wave of primordial dragons, it'd probably be when a new type of gem is out.

    Since there will be a removal of the radiant dayspring bench, how will we get bound brilliance?
    Were looking into creating several new distribution methods.

    Could you potentially introduce another steady source of diamond dragonite and/or buff the current supply from the total power rank contest, as the introduction of light chaos vaults and the costs involved with that has presented players with a problematic choice of whether to make superior focuses or LCV, with dragonite being by far the limited resource on both.

    We recently reduced the amount of diamond dragonite required from 25 to 10. We'd like to see how that impacts the current global ecomony before adding a new method.

    How will we get silver companion eggs?
    Currently, a silver companion egg is available from the geode mastery track. Silver and gold eggs will rarely appear in the store deals. Silver and gold eggs don't contain any companions that cant be obtained from bronze eggs, they just guarantee the companion is of a higher rarity.
    We're considering adding them as a rare chance to spawn in tiers 3-5 lairs and golds in tier 5 lairs

    Any news on the arena pvp dragon?
    He comes out with the geode update, via bomber royale.

    Any info on patron bonus on geode?
    Patron status wont affect any existing geode gameplay, it may at some point in the future.

    Will there be new badges for geode content.
    There arent any new badges for geode but their are trophies/achievements for the console gamers.

    Any plans on adding costumes to chaos chest loot or Luxion?
    Totally possible

    Will Xendri remain available from effigies?
    Yes Xendri, Carys and Noraris will be available.

    Any more hints on the new gem colours? Will there be a new way of upgrading them that's relevant to the Geode caves or will it be the same system we have now?
    No hints yet, only confirmation is that the team is working on it. Our hint is that new gems come from u10 biome via standard trovian gameplay

    What will happen with our old arena coins?
    The merchants will still be available for those and you can still play those modes via club worlds. You can also get some of the old pvp items via playing the new mode.

    Any thoughts on increasing the amount of bomber royale coins you get from the tome? It would take 60 weeks just to get the egg.

    The tome is designed to supplement dragon earning coins. The egg can be trade so can be purchased via the marketplace also.

    Why does mining or bombing cinnabar not drop miners trove?
    We will look into that

    Will placing club fixtures over decorations ever return the decoration to your inventory?
    Were looking at quality of life stuff so we will review this to see if we can do.

    Any way to hide the stuff we already have crafted at crafting tables, its kind of annoying to check what I own and dont when i want to craft something new.
    Sounds like a great quality of life improvement.

    Possible to reduce the leaderboard requirements from 2000 to 1000? Seems to be too common to have a colored name after update.
    Don't have plans for that currently sorry.

    Are you considering removing trove mastery from geode, so we aren't forced to play it?
    Also not currently planned, sorry.

    When will we get pearlescent/opalescent blocks to build with?

    Always looking to add new block types. With geode we've added some new vfx and anti gravity blocks. We'll take it into consideration.

    That ends this weeks livestream, as per usual, enjoy your gaming and take care.
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    Thanks for the notes Shiro~
    Quote Originally Posted by Shirokiri View Post
    We're considering adding silver eggs as a rare chance to spawn in tiers 3-5 lairs and golds in tier 5 lairs
    Especially excited for this one.
    IGN: Chronozilla | Total Mastery: TBA | Total Power Rank: TBA | Alpha Conqueror | Gem Augment Info | Companion Egg Issue | Trove Support
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    Thanks Shiro!

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    Not sure why they feel top 2000 is too much, considering it was how many thousands with 300 mastery before?

    If I had to assume why yellow seems more common is because the top 2000 are more willing to consistently play trove.

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    Thanks for your work Shiro !

    But as usual, my questions are never answered ! . Ill stop asking questions about content/bug/idea now.


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    Quote Originally Posted by _Doudou_ View Post
    Thanks for your work Shiro !

    But as usual, my questions are never answered ! . Ill stop asking questions about content/bug/idea now.
    These questions?

    Quote Originally Posted by _Doudou_ View Post
    It becomes frustrating to not be able to enjoy the Patron bonus because we have to undergo maintenance every Tuesday.
    It as been now 1 full month that I can not benefit from my play time for:

    Triple Fishing Speed
    Triple Radiant Shard Drops
    40% Bonus Harvest Chance
    100% Bonus Ore Chance

    Could you please do something ?
    We don't do maintenance every Tuesday. When we do maintenance, for the most part, it will be on a Tuesday but that has no impact on your Patron status. If there is missing info please share it.

    You're asking us to do something, but I'm not sure what you're looking for. We aren't moving our update days off Tuesday. If we did that then someone would be upset it's happening on that day as well. We do it on Tuesdays as it has minimal likelihood to be affected by holidays (three day weekends will hit either Friday or Monday). It also allows us to have updates out for the majority of the work week which allows the full dev team to intervene if unexpected situations arise.

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