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Thread: [Bug] Rocket Boots in Trove and not Geode

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    [Bug] Rocket Boots in Trove and not Geode

    Hey, I was doing a geode dungeon and when I got out, I lost all my jump and apparently some of my characters at the rocket boots ability after. Can you please fix this, it sets us who are cursed with it 1 jump and only the rocket boots are the means of transportation. I would give an image but apparently my image is way too big to put in

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    paste your image into paint (or whatever the mac alternative is) and save as a JPEG. this will make the image smaller, so you can post it here.

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    I tried, but the file size is too big

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    I have the same bug, i even tried restarting game few times, but it didn't help. Here's my image of it.


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    This also works with mounts and magriders, and flies at the speed of your character (is also affected by knight subclass if you're using a mount). As long as you have enough Energy Regeneration, you can fly infinitely.
    Here's some of my screenies:

    Ganda's feet don't even touch the blocks he places.

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    I'm having the same issue.
    I've equipped the Rocket Boots, and the item keeps functioning out of Geode. I can't jump as I did before this bug, and the boots are still there even if I press tab. I've logged in and off of Trove, and the bug is still there. Tried respawning, but it doesn't disappear. Here's a video showing how it is:

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    I am also having the same issue.

    I have lost all my jumps and my feet are on fire help!!!

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