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    Trove Dev Questions- June 1

    Hey folks!

    Our livestream this week is on June 1st. Get your questions in for the dev team and we'll answer as many as possible.


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    01:Game direction with Trove, Geode and beyond? What future aspect to expect? More orbit to explore? To the world of god?

    02: What to do with surplus arena coin? Bomb royale have boom box coin sink, but not arena. why?

    03:2 exploitable contest, Arena & Glim. when to remove?

    04:It is Enemy>Dungeon>Box>Infinium>Glim>Arena contest on repeat. Add new contest for a changes? weekly rampage? chall? GEODE dun count.

    05:For patron user 6 box quota, can lustrous box drop 2 each time, instead of 1?

    06:Is it really necessary to have 6 color types for name? Orange for total top 2k will do.

    07:Are the club quest intake issue being address?

    08:If someone choose to skip GEODE content, will it make U10 unplayable?

    09:Can replace every 4th week CC loot for Luxion? Let Luxion stay a week,. Also add some surprise 1 time purchase item?

    10:Any plan for sentience shard further usage purpose? Dragon coin have Luxion and dragon sink.

    11:Can elder squire and elder dragoling ally from friend refer be added to Luxion?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown_Y View Post
    8: If someone choose to skip Geode content, will it make U10 unplayable?
    Biggest question yes, can I safely skip Geode without dropping out of top mastery and can I still do U10?
    Will you please consider removing Trove mastery from Geode stuff, please allow us to skip Geode if we do not like it.

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    1. Why so many colors..?

    1,5. Possible to reduce the leaderboard requirements from 2000 to 1000? Seems to be too common to have a colored name after update..

    2. Are you considering removing trove mastery from geode, so we aren't forced to play it?

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    will there be a new primordial dragon when the new type of gems is out ? ^^

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    Since there will be removal of the radiant dayspring bench how will we get bound brilliance?

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    Could you potentially introduce another steady source of diamond dragonite and/or buff the current supply from the total power rank contest, as the introduction of light chaos vaults and the costs involved with that has presented players with a problematic choice of whether to make superior focuses or LCV, with dragonite being by far the limited resource on both.

    How do we get silver and gold companion eggs?

    Would you consider buffing the new geode legendary tomes as they suck? :3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fasti View Post
    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    Any news on the Arena pvp dragon?

    1138 pvp heads and counting.
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    (1) Is it a scam as you devs still used the starfire for the dragon day logo? If so, Any compensation will you do?
    For the geode patch notes, there is a thing I very concern.
    Quote Originally Posted by PostCard View Post
    - Added the Starfire Dragon Fragments to the Friday Dragon Day bonus.
    Does it mean the starfire fragments is not added to the bonus from the start?

    (2) Any plan to change the ST boss rare mount obtain way?
    Like set the current mounts to be untradable and it can be loot collect to titan or lunar souls for the player who have already collected the mounts. And the mounts also can be obtain by complete ST ultra mode dungeon badge. Sample for finished 100 ultra DD ST to get De-Weaponized Worldender and 300 to get Dreadnought Mk I Prototype .

    (3) Any info of patron bonus on geode?

    (4) Any plan to add more rewards for upgrade modules on geode?
    someone felt geode sucks as it is lack of incentives for players mine ores day by day to get valuenless items.

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    Will there be new badges for geode content? If so can we get hints on what they would be?

    Do you have plans to remove/reduce the dragonite requirement from crafting light chaos vaults? (please)

    Are there any plans of adding costumes to chaos chest loot or to luxion? It seems like everything else ends up in the rotation.
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