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    What I would suggest is charging 10 diamond dragonite on both the focus and the vaults.


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    Yeah I had this same thought, two different time capped materials on the same craft seems weird, the despoiled does the job fine and the dragonite isn't needed. I'm all for putting another big cost on the recipe if removing the dragonite would make it imbalanced in trion's eyes.

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    They should be lowered for superiors mabye..

    For this, i can't wait to see people getting dropped wings weekly and value falling to 10kflux and pegasus to become a common mount :>

    There need to be some lock to it, which dragonite gives fine.

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    Frankly, 25 is a bit steep, consider it is also use for gem augment.

    I worries at the unknown aspect U10 gem update may brings...

    Running low on dragonite for augment gonna cost.

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    I do think the costs on the light chests and superior augments are excessive. It's seems like they're trying to do excessive limited use sinks over moderate more repeatable sinks that imo would be more suitable for the constantly supply of dragonite. Sure in theory they are repeatable, in practicality people will want light chests until they get the fragments for the dragon, and augments until they maxed one class. Cheaper augments would mean that people may be more interested to actually level more than 1 class. Though people may now be more cautious with u10 coming up which could make it more worthwhile to wait.

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    This will increase the demand for souls, we need to offer an alternative option for deterrence

    Despoiled Divinity - x3
    Chaos Core - x10
    Forged Stellar Soul - x1
    Forged Radiant Soul - x2
    Diamond Dragonite - del

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    Yes, or at the very least make it cost VERY little

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    Despoiled as well unless trion is going to up the weekly amount from 3 I just finished my costumes three weeks ago still have 38 to go plus the new dragon that takes another 3-5 weeks. Time gated mats should not have/ need so many sinks imho.

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    +1 already takes nearly a weeks worth of dragonite to make 1 superior focus, thats a massive sink itself
    f2p player but i binge amphetamines and farm a lot hehexd

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    You don't need to craft them, just get your weekly lcvs.
    They're not supposed to be easily craftable, they always were time gated, so why remove one of the 2 time gated items needed to craft them?

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