Updated to 1.4 as of 6/9/2018! The colors/particle effects have come!

Trovesaurus mod/download page here!

"The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes." Meet the Duskbringer. For there being plenty of darker looking Shadow Hunter costumes, and then plenty that go heavy on the white, gold and blue, the only real "shadowy" costume for the Shadow Hunter I could find was the Shadow Shroud one, which was themed after Trove's shadows, as in the enemies, so I decided to fix that by making one themed after literal shadows.

With that said, might I once again introduce you to the Duskbringer! This mod replaces the level 30 Shadow Hunter costume, the Wormwood Bow (one of two default/starting bows) the default Sun Snare that all the default/level-oriented Shadow Hunter costumes use, and the Dark Hood from the Shadow Market. In addition, all the default Shadow Hunter particle effects are replaced, as well as those provided by the Shadow Hunter Class Gem! Embrace the orange!